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In the media for Academia Next

Since Academia Next came out (Johns Hopkins University Press) (Amazon) I’ve lucked into a bunch of media appearances. It’s excellent to get the word out about the book, of course, but I also love the conversational aspect.  It helps me … Continue reading

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Discussing the future of higher ed with Bonni Stachowiak, a podcaster who knows the web

Last month (year) (decade!) I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Bonni Stachowiak.  We talked about all kinds of stuff, from Academia Next to information history and teaching. Bonnie’s podcast, Teaching in Higher Ed, is fine listening for anyone interested … Continue reading

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Talking about futurism as a career

This week I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Brian Nelson for his Way of the Futurist podcast. Our focus was on the futures or forecasting profession: how we got into it, how we make it work. buy … Continue reading

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Talking higher education on the Disruptors podcast

A few weeks ago I was interviewed on the Disruptors podcast, and the show just went live. Matt Ward took us on a whirlwind tour through administrative growth, adjunctification, why higher ed is expensive, the Bennet hypothesis, too many students, … Continue reading

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On futures, education, life, and business: I’m interviewed by the Geyser

This week I was interviewed by The Geyser, Kent Anderson‘s newsletter about information and education.  I appreciated the questions and enjoyed Kent’s focus.  As he put it, we explored “From adopting a subscription model to ensuring heterogenous conversations.” What follows … Continue reading

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I am profiled as an ax-wielding futurist

Ozy magazine just ran a profile of me.  It’s a generous article, covering my career, my current research, and also my homesteading. You can see that combination in the opening image/title (photo by my wife, Ceredwyn): George Lorenzo did a tremendous … Continue reading

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Futures, educations, novels, dystopia and utopia

The program interviewed me about the future of education.  Show creator and host Bernard Bull was a fantastic host, offering thoughtful questions and a fine sense of humor. In the podcast we speak of the futures profession, both my … Continue reading

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One campus imagines its future: the Georgia Tech plan

How might universities reinvent themselves for the 21st century? Georgia Tech recently released an ambitious plan for its future development (pdf), and Jeff Selingo shared his observations at the Washington Post.  He interviewed me for my reactions, so you can … Continue reading

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“Here’s How Higher Education Dies”: I am interviewed in the Atlantic

This week I returned to the Atlantic Monthly, courtesy of an interview with the staggeringly metal headline: Here’s How Higher Education Dies Many thanks to Adam Harris for good questions and much patience.  Adam focused on the question of peak … Continue reading

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Discussing the book in progress with EdSurge

Last week EdSurge hosted me for a video discussion about the book I’m writing. Jeff Young was a fine host, and also wrote up good notes.  There is also a video recording of our conversation: A few aspects struck me. … Continue reading

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