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Where automation actually occurs

How will automation change the world? One way of answering that question is to explore where automation occurs.  As an example, here’s a fascinating map of industrial robots’ distribution across the United States from Axios, based on a Brookings report. You … Continue reading

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One college will close its entire undergraduate program

A Detroit campus has gone far beyond the queen sacrifice, announcing enormous cuts to its operations.  Marygrove College will end all undergraduate programs next year, leaving only its graduate school.  That means axing about one half of the institution, at least … Continue reading

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Visualizing future trends for education and technology

With the help of Future Trends in Technology and Education friends and Patreon supporters, we now have a first FTTE infographic. The idea was to organize all of the 85+ trends the report tracks into a single image. This first design … Continue reading

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How not to write about reading in 2017

Another day, another screed lamenting the decline of reading at the chilly hands of digital technologies.  This time it comes from one Philip Yancey, and offers a very Washington Post Goth/metal-sounding title: ‘”The death of reading is threatening the soul“. … Continue reading

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Student loans are cramping the American economy: what this could mean

Many people think student loans are a problem for American students in 2017.   The total amount of debt is enormous, a good number of students carry serious loans, some leave school owing money yet lacking academic credentials, etc.  I … Continue reading

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When colleges switch from the liberal arts to STEM

Some of us have been tracking the recent crisis in American small colleges.  Many of those campuses face declining enrollment because of several factors, including demographic changes and reputational decline. How a small institution respond to and survive these challenges … Continue reading

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Another American college prepares for serious cuts

2017 grinds on, and another American campus announced plans for serious cuts.  It’s definitely a queen sacrifice instance. The school in question is Wheelock College in Boston.  It is: put[ting] its president’s house on the market, is trying to sell … Continue reading

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