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Mapping the geography of academic attainment

Which populations have what level of educational attainment?  Put another way, how does academic achievement spread out across a population? Kyle Walker (TCU) has mapped out the entire continental United States by degree level.  The results are fascinating, offering keen … Continue reading

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Tennessee liberal arts college to drastically shrink

A Tennessee liberal arts college is drastically cutting back on staff, faculty, and programs. Dominican Aquinas College was once a “normal school”, focused on teaching teachers, and will become one once more, shedding its liberal arts undergrad and postgrad programs: Then on … Continue reading

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Trump pours gas on the arts, humanities, sciences, and education, then asks Congress for a match

The Trump administration published its first budget (pdf), and it includes serious reducations to the arts, sciences, humanities, educational programs, and some financial aid. The cuts are widespread. Two major agencies, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for … Continue reading

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The very worst thing written about adjuncts and tenure in 2017

This month has made me even busier than usual, between working on a stack of multiple projects, a series of trips,  and my helping my wife cope with a health crisis.  I’ve had to put off many tasks and ideas. … Continue reading

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Two sobering datapoints for American higher education economics

I’d like to share some recent economic research.  Saying so is usually a cue that insomnia and narcolepsy have both at last been cured, but I think these are important points for higher education. Each are vital, and their interaction … Continue reading

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Indiana college to close

Another American campus has decided to close up.  Saint Joseph’s College , a private, Catholic liberal arts institution in northwestern Indiana, will “suspend all activities” after this academic year. The official announcement explains this in terms of finances, saying the college will: … Continue reading

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Trump’s migration block and higher education

American president Trump recently ordered a 120 day ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations.  What does this mean for higher education? First off, stress, suffering, and both career and personal life damage to a number of students, faculty, and staff … Continue reading

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