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Simpson College commits to a queen sacrifice

In the most recent example of a college or university cutting faculty, Simpson College of Iowa announced it will lay off thirteen people, including twelve professors.  Its art department (where George Washington Carver once majored) will be shut down, as will … Continue reading

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Two useful charts for the future of education: jobs and students

This is another post in my series of “I’ve found several interesting nuggets and want to share them.” ITEM: Burning Glass published a take on different careers in terms of demand.  The idea was “to map both supply (using federal … Continue reading

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Students are driving textbook prices down and OER forward

While textbook prices are high, increasing numbers of students aren’t paying them.  That’s the conclusion of a new study (press release)*, and it points the way forward to piracy and for open education. One key finding is that the amount … Continue reading

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The upcoming crisis in Connecticut higher education: a case study for the nation

Connecticut’s public university system is about to hit a major financial wall, according to local media.  There’s much we can learn from this. Let’s start with the basics.  The state’s public postsecondary system can no longer offer the services it … Continue reading

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What is the world worrying about in 2018?

A new survey comes from Ipsos, and it’s most illuminating.  Ipsos polled nearly 20,000 people from around the world*, asking them what they’re most worried about. It’s a fascinating idea, trying to get a finger on the world’s pulse. Here … Continue reading

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How healthy are American colleges? Their chief business officers speak.

Is American higher education financially sustainable? We can do well to answer this question by listening to college and university chief finance or business officers.  After all, campus finance is their job.  Last week Inside Higher Ed  surveyed 415 of … Continue reading

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Why are the financial rewards from higher education falling?

One of the major benefits of higher education is the “college premium.”  That’s the economic boost a graduate receives to their lifetime earnings as a result of getting a postsecondary degree.  The common understanding is that the college premium is … Continue reading

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One campus imagines its future: the Georgia Tech plan

How might universities reinvent themselves for the 21st century? Georgia Tech recently released an ambitious plan for its future development (pdf), and Jeff Selingo shared his observations at the Washington Post.  He interviewed me for my reactions, so you can … Continue reading

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Weekend question: where will automation take us by 2033?

How do you think automation will transform society over the next 15 years? I wanted to pose this question for general discussion today, rather than to offer my own take (which is still in process, and part of the book … Continue reading

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The 2008 financial crash and what came next: John Lanchester and education

We are rapidly approaching the ten-year anniversary of the greatest financial disaster to strike the modern world since the 1930s.  I hope people in education, technology, futures, and policy fields will reflect on this and how it reshaped our time. … Continue reading

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