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How plutocracy works in America: the DEA-opioid story

When does a modern democracy function as a plutocracy?  A recent Washington Post/60 Minutes investigation (video) offers one disturbing case study from the present day. It alleges that the pharmaceutical industry successfully prevented the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) from … Continue reading

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Multiple mergers ahead for the University of Wisconsin system

In the most spectacular recent example of the higher education crisis driving campus mergers, the University of Wisconsin system will fold a group of two-year colleges into nearby universities, according to a new plan.   Thirteen (13) campuses will merge with … Continue reading

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Another university to close

A small university in Nebraska will close, in yet another story about the American higher education crisis. Grace University describes itself as “a premier Private Christian University in Omaha, Nebraska.”  The institutional website carries the official announcement: Grace University will cease … Continue reading

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Stony Brook launches a queen sacrifice by cutting humanities and humanists

Stony Brook University, a leading American university and member of New York’s SUNY system, is cutting back on the humanities.  It’s another example of what I’ve been calling a queen sacrifice, as an administration reduces academic programs and professors. One component … Continue reading

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Three stories about where education is going

Three different education stories have stuck in my mind this weekend.  They have nothing to do with each other directly – two are very different publications, and one is from me – yet combined they point to some ways higher … Continue reading

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Peak higher education, 4 years later

Four years ago  yes, way back in 2013 – I first wrote about the peak higher education concept.  Let’s see how it holds up. To refresh your memory: this idea began as a blog post where I laid out the … Continue reading

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The next stage for the richest universities: attract more rich families

It’s well known that the wealthiest American universities have enormous endowments.  This has actually become a policy topic of late, even a bipartisan one, especially as family income inequality continues to deepen, and as many non-elite colleges and universities struggle … Continue reading

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