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Cuts, more cuts, a school’s closure, and another closure

I’ve been traveling for the past week (Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania), so blogging’s been lighter than I would have liked.  Let me catch up a little with this post on a sadly dark theme. That theme is American campuses wielding axes … Continue reading

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Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium to shut down

How can higher education sustain online learning? This might be an odd question to ask, when programs in what we used to call “distance learning” are growing in student numbers.  Yet these programs are bound up in the general crisis … Continue reading

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Another college considers closing

Another American college is considering shutting down.  This time the campus is in Vermont (about 90 minutes from my house), the small College of St. Joseph. It’s an intense story with connections to the rest of American higher education.  There … Continue reading

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Another Wisconsin university to close programs, lay off faculty

Another American university is planning on cutting academic programs and laying off faculty.  Now it’s a public institution in the upper midwest. (I’ve been calling such moves “queen sacrifices” for several years.  That’s a metaphor based on the chess strategy, … Continue reading

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Five quick dark stories about the future of education

This is a tricky month for blogging, as I’m writing in between multiple trips, winter storms, horrendous travel, and a ton of projects all coming together at the same overclocked moment.  But I’ll keep checking into the bloghouse. For this … Continue reading

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Late night thoughts on a fine day of FOECasting

I wanted to share some thoughts after a day and night of energetic discussion. I might ramble a bit here.  What I want to do is reflect on three days of intensive thinking with dozens of people around the world, … Continue reading

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Two closures, a merger, and a queen sacrifice: one week in American higher ed

On Sunday I wrote about another American university preparing a queen sacrifice.  Since then – i.e., in just two days – more stories of institutional decline and stress have crossed my transom. ITEM: the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point‘s provost … Continue reading

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Another queen sacrifice: Castleton University in Vermont

The queen sacrifice remains in practice among American campuses.  This week’s practitioner is Vermont’s Castleton University, a public liberal arts institution founded in 1787 that is now considering cuts and layoffs. VermontBiz reports that Castleton is facing “a projected operating loss of … Continue reading

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Our project has a title! Now for next steps

Last week I asked for your thoughts on naming a new project, a higher education and technologies futuring research effort.  Over the next few days nearly one hundred votes poured in. Which name won out?  The clear winner was FOECast, … Continue reading

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The New Media Consortium: updates and next steps

Nearly one week ago the New Media Consortium stunned the education technology world by announcing it was shut down and liquidate its assets.  It’s been a wild and weird few days. With this post I’d like to update everyone.  Please … Continue reading

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