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My next Devil’s Dictionary: a call for nominations

In 2016 we satirized educational technology keywords through a Devil’s Dictionary (part 1, part 2).  Now I’d like to tackle the words of education beyond ed tech.  Which vocabulary would you like to see skewered? I have assembled a first list, … Continue reading

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Peak electrical power: the US continues to de-industrialize

One fascinating sign of America’s changing technological and economic life appears in this Bloomberg News article.  The United States is making, and using, less electricity than we used to. That’s a surprise, given the 20th century’s spectacular growth of industry … Continue reading

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Still more campus cuts

April is the cruelest month, and some American colleges and universities are showing their agreement with that sentiment by cutting more staff and faculty.  As my readers know, these new cutters are not alone. One of the latest examples is … Continue reading

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Still more American university cuts and mergers

As American colleges and universities work to fill up their fall classes, some are struggling to cope with low enrollment and financial pain.  Once more, our higher ed sector continues to be unhealthy.  Once again, the queen sacrifice is on … Continue reading

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Has Trump’s presidency cut international student interest in the US?

One possible impact the Trump administration might have on higher education is depressing international student applications to American campuses.  Trump’s hostility to immigrants from certain nations (Mexico, some Muslim-majority countries, etc.) could recast the US in a negative light for … Continue reading

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More on demographics: American white people’s declining lifespan and what it means for education

Human lifespans have tended to rise over the past century.  That’s been a signal achievement of modernity, a combination of improved knowledge, health care, sanitation, and education.  But one American population has seen its lifespan decline since around 2000. Anne Case … Continue reading

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Mapping the geography of academic attainment

Which populations have what level of educational attainment?  Put another way, how does academic achievement spread out across a population? Kyle Walker (TCU) has mapped out the entire continental United States by degree level.  The results are fascinating, offering keen … Continue reading

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