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A new digital literacy project begins, and is looking for examples

Here’s a new initiative I’m working on, and a chance for you to participate. I’m leading a project with the New Media Consortium (NMC) to conduct further independent research into higher education’s digital literacy landscape. This project will be positioned … Continue reading

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A powerful media and information literacy project from UNESCO

UNESCO has entered the digital literacy fray by publishing what they call five laws of media and information literacy.  While they don’t use the phrase “digital literacy”, it’s clear that they’re addressing that field’s concerns. I’d like to summarize their … Continue reading

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Launching a week of digital literacy

Today I’m kicking off a week of digital literacy discussion.  This effort is part of the Open Learning MOOC, which in turn is part of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Faculty Collaboratives program.  Gardner Campbell is the chief … Continue reading

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Digital literacy and anti-authoritarian politics

A deep political divide is starting to open up in digital literacy discussions.  It’s not a new chasm, but a very old one, given fresh contours by new technology and practices. It’s a split between those who think people should assume … Continue reading

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It’s time to upgrade our CRAAP detectors

Mike Caulfield’s long post about digital literacy has been getting some attention, as it should.  He thoughtfully tests some digital literacy tools against real world problems.  Caulfield also mixes in the Stanford study (my notes here).  Read the whole thing, … Continue reading

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Boris Badenov, hacker: skeptical thoughts on the Russian election espionage affair

I’ve been following the Russian American election hacking story between speaking gigs, physical meetings, international travel, winter storms, and holiday planning.  Finally I have a few minutes to write about this here.* Overall, I’d like to caution people at this … Continue reading

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On that Stanford information literacy study

A Stanford University team won a lot of attention this week by releasing a study on how badly teenagers assess information online.  “Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning” examined more than 7,000 students to check their information literacy skills. … Continue reading

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