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Thoughts on “Operation InfeKtion”: digital literacy and digital storytelling

The New York Times recently published a three-part video series about Russian disinformation operations.  Many people have shared “Operation InfeKtion” with me, and I’ve been part of some discussions in some interesting venues.  So I’m fascinated enough to share my reactions … Continue reading

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The politics of digital literacy and information control: an important survey

What is the role of authority in digital literacy?  How much trust do we place in individual judgement? I’ve been writing about this particular politics of digital (and information, and media) literacy for a while.  Today I came across a … Continue reading

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Two thoughtful visualizations about technology, media, and ourselves

I’m traveling this week, so blogging is lighter, but I wanted to share two powerful visualizations for your consideration.  Both are about media and our relationship to it in 2018, albeit concerning two different topics. First, here’s a sharp depiction … Continue reading

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CNN produces Gothic horror, and this is a problem

CNN is not good for America.  And I’m not talking about their relationship with Trump. A few weeks ago they ran a story very prominently on their site: “Missouri police officer is dead after 911 call of women screaming”.  That’s … Continue reading

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The powers of digital literacies: responding to danah boyd and all

How should we best teach digital and media literacy?  How can such teaching respond to today’s politically and technologically polarized milieu? Last week a discussion brewed across Twitter and the blogosphere as several digital literacy people (Benjamin Doxtdator, Maha Bali, … Continue reading

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How will income inequality shape digital literacy?

As several nations see income inequality escalate, how will that shape digital literacy efforts and practices? I’ve been thinking about this for several years, as I’ve worked on digital literacy and been researching income inequality.  Some of our book club … Continue reading

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How will we respond to the dawning age of fake video?

What could happen if our trust in video collapses? Put another way, how could we respond when video can be altered as easily as images can be Photoshopped? Let me explain.  We are approaching that state now.  Humans love video, … Continue reading

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A 21st century strongman, enabled by the internet: a case study

How can a politician and their supporters use social media to build up power?  Lauren Etter‘s Bloomberg News article “What Happens When the Government Uses Facebook as a Weapon?” offers a chilling account of how Philippine president Duterte and his supporters deployed trolling, targeted … Continue reading

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The future of libraries lies in younger, nonwhite people without college degrees

How will libraries change?  Who will use and support them? A new update from Pew Research suggests that while most Americans value libraries, certain populations are more likely to support them than others, especially when it comes to learning from … Continue reading

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Launching the new NMC digital literacy report today

Today a research project I’ve been working on for several months will be released. The New Media Consortium has organized a new report on digital literacy.  It’s a sequel and expansion to its 2016 report, which I also contributed to. … Continue reading

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