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Newsletters I’m following in early 2021

Email newsletters are enjoying a renaissance now.  A growing number of people are either starting to write them or have shifted their writing practice to newsletters. Several platforms have appeared and won both writers and readership, such as Substack.  Business … Continue reading

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Using social media for news: the latest Pew update

How do people use social media? It turns out, a lot of Americans turn to these platforms for news.  The invaluable Pew Research Center just updated us on their latest findings, and the results should be very useful for anyone … Continue reading

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How I track the coronavirus

UPDATED January 8, 2022 How can we best stay informed about the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak? I’ve been tracking it carefully for weeks, and have built up an online search strategy.  I’d like to share a description of it here, partly in … Continue reading

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The future of stupid fears

This post is about fear.  Specifically, about stupid fears.  Those are not the realistic concerns we may have about ill health, economic stress, or living in a war zone. Instead, these  fears are either literally fantastic, as in made up … Continue reading

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“You are the product”: one interesting source for the meme

“You are not the customer.  You are the product.”  This phrase, or versions of it, have been popularly cited over the past few years as a criticism of social media. buy amoxicillin online buy amoxicillin no prescription generic I think … Continue reading

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Where Americans find news: an update

Where do Americans find news in today’s media landscape?  Pew Research offers a very useful and up to date snapshot this week. The short version?  Our news habits are quite diverse, and at least partially driven by age differences. First, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Operation InfeKtion”: digital literacy and digital storytelling

The New York Times recently published a three-part video series about Russian disinformation operations.  Many people have shared “Operation InfeKtion” with me, and I’ve been part of some discussions in some interesting venues.  So I’m fascinated enough to share my reactions … Continue reading

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The politics of digital literacy and information control: an important survey

What is the role of authority in digital literacy? buy diflucan online buy diflucan no prescription generic   How much trust do we place in individual judgement? I’ve been writing about this particular politics of digital (and information, and media) … Continue reading

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Two thoughtful visualizations about technology, media, and ourselves

I’m traveling this week, so blogging is lighter, but I wanted to share two powerful visualizations for your consideration.  Both are about media and our relationship to it in 2018, albeit concerning two different topics. First, here’s a sharp depiction … Continue reading

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CNN produces Gothic horror, and this is a problem

CNN is not good for America.  And I’m not talking about their relationship with Trump. A few weeks ago they ran a story very prominently on their site: “Missouri police officer is dead after 911 call of women screaming”.  That’s … Continue reading

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