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Thoughts on “Operation InfeKtion”: digital literacy and digital storytelling

The New York Times recently published a three-part video series about Russian disinformation operations.  Many people have shared “Operation InfeKtion” with me, and I’ve been part of some discussions in some interesting venues.  So I’m fascinated enough to share my reactions … Continue reading

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“Estrellita”: a powerful digital story about immigration, ICE, and Vermont

Digital storytelling has always had the ability to speak to current issues. Today’s case in point is “Estrellita“, a very short animation about immigration, work, ICE, and loss, set in Vermont. Click the image below to watch: “Estrellita” was created … Continue reading

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A creepy discussion thread, or a fine example of web creativity

Tomorrow is my birthday, and one way I’d like to celebrate is by doing something Gothic.  Like last year, when we went to the Lizzie Borden House bed and breakfast. (If you don’t know me well, I’ve long studied Gothic … Continue reading

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A short digital story about forests, snowshoeing, and memory

Over the past two days it snowed up here in Vermont’s Green Mountains, despite it being April.  Therefore Ceredwyn and I went snowshoeing in the woods. To document and reflect on the experience, I made a short digital story: This … Continue reading

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What has happened in digital storytelling since 2011? A selfish query

I have a nice opportunity, thanks to my publisher, to create a second edition of my 2011 book The New Digital Storytelling. Praeger wants the new version to reflect what has changed in the digital storytelling world over the past five … Continue reading

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Another digital story

I published another short digital story using the Cowbird platform.  It’s a reflection on October in Vermont, or, more dryly, it uses a combination of photos and paragraphs to express an emotional state during an environmental moment. It’s called “Darkness, … Continue reading

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A conversation about the present and future at CNI

Last month I had the great pleasure of opening the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)’s spring meeting with that group’s leader, Cliff Lynch. We did a kind of co-plenary, a public conversation without PowerPoint or notes. CNI kindly recorded then shared … Continue reading

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More digital storytelling via Cowbird

I’m fond of the Cowbird digital storytelling platform.  It’s very easy to use, and does some nice magic with photos. Here’s a little story I made this afternoon, concerning autumn on our homestead: Cowbird is filled with creative work from … Continue reading

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Podcasts I’m listening to

Podcasts are a thriving, powerful, yet underappreciated sector of digital media.  Here’s a list of some of the podcasts I currently listen to for my work and/or entertainment, broken down by rough categories: history and culture, education, technology and science, … Continue reading

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Surprised by a bear

Sometimes homesteading can be exciting.

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