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Positive notes on which to start 2024

Greetings 2024! I’d like to greet you with optimism and a story of gifts.  You see, I ended 2023 with some grim posts (1, 2) and would like to balance those out with some of what cheers me up. 2023 … Continue reading

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Digital storytelling with generative AI: notes on the appearance of #AICinema

Whenever we create a new communications technology, we try new ways of telling stories with it. That’s one of my long-running contentions.  I made it in digital storytelling workshops and my first book (ABC-CLIO; Amazon). My thinking is that humans … Continue reading

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Some podcasts I’m listening to in 2019

Every year or so I recommend some podcasts that I’ve been listening to.  Since today is International Podcast Day, it seems a good time to issue a blog post update.  (previous posts: 2018, 2017, early 2016, mid-2016, 2015, and 2013) … Continue reading

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Digital storytelling with Apollo 50

Last month Owain and I visited the Washington Monument to watch an extraordinary work of digital storytelling.  It was called Apollo 50. Here I’d like to explain how it worked, why I was so impressed, and some practical lessons all … Continue reading

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Futuring and digital storytelling with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Futures work happens across society, from pop culture to education, business to government.  Today’s case in point: a video vision of the future, a political scenario, a digital story narrated by none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “A Message From the … Continue reading

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50,000 tweets and rising

Today I’ll post my 50,000th tweet.  If I time it right, it’ll be one announcing this post. And more will keep coming. 50,000!  That’s an awful lot of Twittery.  So, at this milestone, with some perspective, I have to wonder: … Continue reading

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They Shall Not Grow Old and what it says about digital storytelling

After seeing They Shall Not Grow Old I was going to recommend it for everyone.  It’s received plenty of glowing reviews (97% on RottenTomatoes), so rather than piling on I’ll offer instead some reflections about what the film means for… digital storytelling. If you haven’t heard … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Operation InfeKtion”: digital literacy and digital storytelling

The New York Times recently published a three-part video series about Russian disinformation operations.  Many people have shared “Operation InfeKtion” with me, and I’ve been part of some discussions in some interesting venues.  So I’m fascinated enough to share my reactions … Continue reading

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“Estrellita”: a powerful digital story about immigration, ICE, and Vermont

Digital storytelling has always had the ability to speak to current issues. buy azithromycin online buy azithromycin no prescription generic Today’s case in point is “Estrellita“, a very short animation about immigration, work, ICE, and loss, set in Vermont. Click … Continue reading

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A creepy discussion thread, or a fine example of web creativity

Tomorrow is my birthday, and one way I’d like to celebrate is by doing something Gothic.  Like last year, when we went to the Lizzie Borden House bed and breakfast. (If you don’t know me well, I’ve long studied Gothic … Continue reading

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