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Turning 57 in the year 2024

Earlier this month I had a birthday, which I prefer to think of as “completing another solar orbit.” Today I’ll continue with this blog’s tradition of birthdayblogging: a bit of reflection, some memoir, and a touch of futuring. (previously: 2023, … Continue reading

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Massachusetts removes college degree requirements from most state jobs

Over the past year at least a dozen American states have taken a very interesting step.  They have removed a college degree requirement for applicants to some or most state jobs.  It’s a way of helping people “break the paper … Continue reading

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Did the decade-long enrollment decline turn around?

Greetings from February, which somehow occurred just as I was getting adjusted to December.  Over the past month I’ve been frantically teaching, traveling (US, Qatar), pitching a new book idea, managing the Future Trends Forum into autumn, arranging professional engagements … Continue reading

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Losing faith in the value of college: an important Wall Street Journal article

(Greetings from a hectic month.  I’m writing this right after starting to teach a big class, participating in several professional events, and now traveling to Qatar.  Greetings from the Istanbul Airport.) How are Americans turning away from higher education? I’ve … Continue reading

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Positive notes on which to start 2024

Greetings 2024! I’d like to greet you with optimism and a story of gifts.  You see, I ended 2023 with some grim posts (1, 2) and would like to balance those out with some of what cheers me up. 2023 … Continue reading

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From 2023 to 2024: academia and climate change

2023 is almost through and we prepare ourselves for 2024. Today I’ll continue my reflections on the two years with an emphasis on one topic.  (Here’s my previous post.) The past year has been the hottest on record, which is … Continue reading

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From 2023 to 2024: a growing academic civil war

2023 is nearly done, for which many people are no doubt thankful. In several blog posts I’d like to look back at the year before it’s over to identify some trends which look likely to shape 2024. Today’s topic is … Continue reading

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Preparing my gaming and education class for spring 2024

Next month I’m starting one of my favorite classes, and I wanted to share the draft syllabus with you all.  It’s the gaming and higher education seminar for Georgetown University’s Learning, Design, and Technology program and I’m very excited about … Continue reading

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Leading DEI work on campus during a nationwide backlash

Last week we hosted University of Texas senior vice provost, dean, and professor Richard J. Reddick on the Future Trends Forum.  He’s the author of the recent book Restorative Resistance in Higher Education (Harvard Education Press). We discussed how to do … Continue reading

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Some student loan holders begin payment, while others do not

Earlier this year the Biden administration ended a series of student loan repayment pauses and restarted the debt payment process.  How is it going so far? According to the Department of Education, 60% of debt holders have resumed or started … Continue reading

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