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Some college, no degree update: an enormous swath of higher education

What do we know about people who take some college classes, then leave the institution without any kind of degree? The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center just published new data on people who have some college, no credential (SCNC).  It’s … Continue reading

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More academic cuts: May 2024 edition

How are colleges and universities responding to financial and other pressures? This year I’ve been tracking a series of institutional budget crises, spending cuts, layoffs, mergers, and campus closures. They seemed to spike in March (1, 2, 3) and continued in April.  … Continue reading

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A futurist decarbonizes his professional travel in 2024: problems and options

How can we travel without contributing to global warming? I’ve been considering this problem for a while at the institutional and macro levels, as I researched climate change and higher education’s future.  I’ve also mulled it for myself, thinking of … Continue reading

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Spring enrollment data: a surprise upward curve

Greetings from the road.  This post is a bit sketchy, as I’ve been riding Amtrak for nearly 10 hours through multiple delays and seriously spotty internet access. Let me pose one of my standard questions. How is American higher education … Continue reading

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News from me: two media updates

Greetings from a very harried May. There’s a lot going on here – too much, really.  I finished my spring class and am now redesigning and reorganizing fall seminars.  In other tabs, I’m working on the new book.  Producing the … Continue reading

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When will the first college or university charge six figures per year? A 2024 update

When will the first American college or university charge $100,000 or more to attend? What might that mean for higher education? I first posed this question, a little wryly, back in 2018.  My intent six years ago was to scope … Continue reading

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Health care nation appears in some high schools

As a futurist I study and produce scenarios.  These are short stories about possible futures, visions of what might come to pass and within which participants might see themselves.  They are a classic forecasting method.  (Check Wikipedia for a good … Continue reading

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Academic cuts, mergers, and closures from April

April has brought more academic cuts, mergers and closures.  I noted examples of this trend in last month (1, 2, 3) but as they used to say on radio, the hits keep coming.  A Hechinger Report article claimed one institutional … Continue reading

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Demographic update: American births continue to decline

How are demographics changing, and what does that transformation suggest about the future? Recently the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published new data on American birthrates. While the results are not surprising to people who follow the topic, they … Continue reading

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For Earth Day 2024

Today is the 54th Earth Day, a holiday generally aimed at raising global ecological consciousness. It began in 1970 as a UNESCO project and I can’t help but hear Earth as system and Spaceship Earth from that origin then. … Continue reading

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