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Two thoughtful visualizations about technology, media, and ourselves

I’m traveling this week, so blogging is lighter, but I wanted to share two powerful visualizations for your consideration.  Both are about media and our relationship to it in 2018, albeit concerning two different topics. First, here’s a sharp depiction … Continue reading

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Walkaway: our book club reading schedule

On April 2nd I announced that our online book club‘s new reading will bve Cory Doctorow’s near future science fiction novel Walkaway (FTTE bookstore link). In this post I’ll outline the reading plan. Here’s how it’ll work. Every week I’ll … Continue reading

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A major report on digital learning from Arizona State University

What are the best ways to support and structure digital learning? Last week Lou Pugliese joined the Future Trends Forum to describe a forthcoming research project he’d just completed.  I’d heard about the research second-hand and was intrigued.  One text … Continue reading

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Post 1,000

Today’s post is number 1,000. That’s one thousand individual blog posts over the past seven+ years. What does this milestone number mean? We can look at it through stats. One thousand posts consist of 620,334 words, according to the WP Word … Continue reading

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Two small college futures: woe in Massachusetts, promise in Michigan

American higher education sector includes a large number of small colleges.  It’s not clear how they will fare under today’s stresses, or how many will survive peak higher education. Case in point: Mount Ida College in Boston will cease to … Continue reading

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The new way of death: one possible future

How will death and dying change? Perhaps we are living through the beginning in a revolution concerning how we die.  It’s a potential development that might seem dark for some readers, fraught for others, and dangerously complex for all, so … Continue reading

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The webinar must die: a friendly proposal

When was the last time you really enjoyed a webinar?  How often do we expect a webinar to actually teach us something, or to provide a social or emotional connection with other human beings? After years of evolution, there are … Continue reading

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A sanguine discussion about the fate of small colleges

What’s going to happen with America’s small colleges? A radio conversation yesterday explored this very usefully.  Vermont Public Radio (VPR) interviewed several local higher education leaders, involving some listener questions, and I recommend listening to the discussion.  Yes, Vermont is … Continue reading

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Four+ stories about the future of education and technology

Here are some interesting stories which might bear on the future of education and technology.  They touch on virtual reality, web browsers, immigration, web-based classes, tenure, and fear. ITEM: Firefox is working on a browser designed for VR.  Firefox Reality … Continue reading

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Middle and high school students making history with 3d printing

As a futurist I’m always looking for stories and datapoints that suggest possible directions for education and technology.  Sometimes I’m actively involved in those stories. Last Saturday I helped judge a Vermont 3d printing contest.  This is an annual event, … Continue reading

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