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How high will today’s largest endowments grow by 2055?

How might the richest American colleges and universities develop in the future? I’ve been looking at this small yet superinfluential slice of higher education for a while.  For example, since 2018 I’ve been trying to forecast when the most expensive … Continue reading

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To grow or not to grow? Take this with a giant pile of salt.

One of the great questions of our time is: shall we continue to grow? I’m referring to our civilization and its massive, complex footprint, which we can measure in many ways.  Will we keep growing our economy, making more goods, … Continue reading

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One nation mandates climate classes for its entire higher education system

How might academia respond to the climate crisis? One way is for colleges and universities to teach more content and classes on the topic. This is a path individual faculty who are passionate about global warming can follow, to the … Continue reading

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Starting my future of higher education seminar at Georgetown

Today I’m holding the first class for my Georgetown University Learning, Design, and Technology future of higher education class.  It’s one I created from scratch and am enormously fond of. I’ve taught it several times, and am keeping the majority … Continue reading

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Solarpunk as a way of redesigning higher education for the climate crisis

One well-known risk of working on climate change is depression.  The topic presents so many terrible futures that dwelling in it can be mentally brutal. In response to this grim issue, people have been offering hopeful ways of thinking about … Continue reading

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More campuses under extreme weather

Yesterday I wrote about two Canadian campuses endangered by fires. Climate change played some role in intensifying those conflagrations. Today I offer a related story.  This post will be relatively brief, as I’m with my wife, back in a hospital … Continue reading

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Higher education and climate change: two stories from August 2023

How might academics respond to the unfolding climate crisis? Today I’d like to share two developments which can help us think through that question. The first comes from Canada, where two campuses (so far) have been under evacuation orders due … Continue reading

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Are you teaching about climate change and education? I’m available as a guest speaker.

Are you teaching a class this fall which addresses how climate change might impact higher education? If so, I’m available to contribute, if it makes sense for your pedagogical and curricular purposes. To explain: for several years now I’ve been … Continue reading

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Personal downsides of 2023, or why I’m a bit quieter than usual

I fear that I’ve fallen weirdly silent at times, on this blog and elsewhere, during the past year.  Some of you may be waiting for me to reply to emails you’ve sent.  Others have pinged me via LinkedIn messages, Twitter … Continue reading

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What I’m doing with social media now

Greetings from a pleasant early August, at least in terms of weather. I’m back home in the Washington DC area and the heat wave has moved on.  It’s still very warm (84 degrees F) and humid, but not so beastly … Continue reading

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