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Higher education is already feeling the first effects of COVID-19

As I write this COVID-19 continues to gnaw on the human race.  Data is increasingly dubious for a range of reasons (politics, testing, etc.) but the range looks like between 630,000 and 720,000 infected and around 30,000 dead, with both … Continue reading

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Reflecting on higher ed in the pandemic

As higher education continues to grapple with COVID-19 I’ve been talking with various kind interviewers.  It’s a good way for me to think through my analyses. Here are two. First, Howard Teibel and a colleague talked with me on his … Continue reading

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COVID-19 in 2020: several scenarios

For nearly two months I’ve been tracking the coronavirus outbreak.  I’ve been sharing forecasts, examining analyses, and collecting forecasts here, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and Facebook.  Now I’d like to share some scenarios for how the pandemic might turn out. … Continue reading

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Reading for the plague: a syllabus

As a futurist I spend most of my time looking ahead to understand what might happen next.  Sometimes this means drawing on my background as a literature and book person, hunting literary sources that help illuminate the future. So once … Continue reading

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The moment for a partisan pandemic

Someone soon may call this The Blue Plague. Why?  The largest urban clusters of coronavirus infections and deaths are, as of this writing, New York City, Seattle, and the Bay Area.  Coming up in a second tier are Detroit and … Continue reading

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Anticipating a pandemic

Here’s one thing about being a futurist.  Sometimes the world confirms one of your scenarios or models, but it’s not something to celebrate.  That’s because what you foresaw isn’t good news for anyone when it actually enters the real world. … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and the world: today and four forecasts

It’s March 18th, COVID-19 keeps spreading, and the world’s reactions are deepening.  Global infected numbers passed 180,000 and deaths near 9,000, reportedly (and there are doubts about numbers).  There are more infections and deaths outside of China than in, according … Continue reading

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The little spreadsheet that could, and did: crowdsourcing COVID-19, higher education, data, and stories

I’ve been tracking the global coronavirus since early February, with a focus on how it impacts higher education worldwide.  That tracking has meant blogging here, tweeting, and creating a resource post. Then I made something new, and now I have … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and the world: how futurists have been working on this kind of thing for years

I’m sometimes asked what futures work is good for.  Some folks complain that it doesn’t always provide solid predictions of what’s next.  Others think it’s just fantasies and a waste of time in pratical reality. One standard response from the … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and higher education resources

I currently maintain several resources concerning higher education and the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. A list of resources for keeping track of the virus, including dashboards, official sources, experts on social media, open access content, libguides, etc. A spreadsheet listing information … Continue reading

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