In the media for Academia Next

Since Academia Next came out (Johns Hopkins University Press) (Amazon) I’ve lucked into a bunch of media appearances.

It’s excellent to get the word out about the book, of course, but I also love the conversational aspect.  It helps me expand my thinking, with the extra bonus of getting to know more people.

To start off with, on January 17th I was interviewed on the College Empowerment podcast. Tony D’Angelo was a fine and fun host.

College Empowerment logo

A week later Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS) gave me a very kind video interview:

They had an awesome production studio and team.  It was also good to get to learn more about GCS.

Then Rodney Murray interviewed me for his fine Pulse podcast.  We covered a lot of ground.  Man, Rodney is a fascinating person to learn from and talk with.

Rod's Pulse Podcast

There are other interviews in the works, too.

It’s a strange experience, being asked about one of your books.  Sometimes you’re asked to summarize tens of thousands of words and years of work in a few minutes or less, which can be daunting.  But it’s a great intellectual exercise, like crafting an article’s abstract, or explaining some of your professional issues to someone outside of that realm.  It forces you to think back to the book’s purpose and voyage, seeing all of that from a new angle.

There’s more autobiography in interviews than I’m used to.  As a GenXer I don’t easily talk about myself, so I suppose it’s good to touch on that point.  And I know it makes the book more accessible to some folks.  Especially for nonfiction without a lot of characters, it’s useful to become one of a sort, a cross between narrator and stage manager.

Looking ahead, the ideas interviews raise can nudge me forward to the next book.  These did that.  I’ll say more about it as book #4 comes into focus.

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2 Responses to In the media for Academia Next

  1. “As a GenXer I don’t easily talk about myself”

    As a Gen Xer myself, this is the first thing I think I’ve ever read from you that I found puzzling. Is that supposedly a characteristic common to people around our age?

    • Bryan Alexander says:

      I think so. I’ve found Boomers to be far more autobiographically inclined, both in and out of academia.
      On the other end of the generational scale, Millennials haven’t lived as long, but seem happy to share.
      Xers feel more dismissed. “You all aren’t interested in our lives anyway.”

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