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Some critical readings on AI for my graduate students: an updated reading list

Earlier this month I blogged about finding good readings about AI for one of my graduate seminars.  I listed a few, then blegged for more. In response, folks were very generous.  Suggestions flooded in through the comments, then also by … Continue reading

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What should my grad students read about emerging AI?

I have a seminar meeting coming up for my technology and innovation class, and I’m not sure what readings I should assign. The subject is AI, and I have many thoughts but no conclusions.  So today I’m asking for readers’ … Continue reading

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Starting my future of higher education seminar at Georgetown

Today I’m holding the first class for my Georgetown University Learning, Design, and Technology future of higher education class.  It’s one I created from scratch and am enormously fond of. I’ve taught it several times, and am keeping the majority … Continue reading

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What are campuses doing about AI this fall semester?

NB: I’ve updated this post several times with more examples, mostly recently 7/25/2023. As fall classes draw nigh, I wonder (among other things) what colleges and universities are doing to do about generative AI. I haven’t seen many completed institutional … Continue reading

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AI, higher education, and the future: launching a Substack

What might new developments in artificial intelligence mean for higher education? I’ve been exploring this topic for years, and now would like to announce a new project about it.  I’m launching a Substack newsletter, AI and Academia, with the goal … Continue reading

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Some large-scale decisions we can make about AI in 2023

In my current work on forecasting the intersection of AI and higher ed, I’ve been running into an interesting problem.  Well, several, but today I’d like to share a structural one, caught between futures thinking and where AI is right … Continue reading

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Instructors after AI

How will the current wave of artificial intelligence change college teaching? I’ve been thinking AI and education for years, and it’s all come into sharp focus lately, due to the advent of large language learning (LLM) bots like ChatGPT (previously). … Continue reading

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Digital storytelling with generative AI: notes on the appearance of #AICinema

Whenever we create a new communications technology, we try new ways of telling stories with it. That’s one of my long-running contentions.  I made it in digital storytelling workshops and my first book (ABC-CLIO; Amazon). My thinking is that humans … Continue reading

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How might higher education respond to GPT-4? A community conversation with Ruben Puentedura

What can colleges and universities do about generative AI?  How can academics respond to this fast-moving technology? Last Thursday we hosted computer scientist and ed tech leader Ruben Puentedura on the Future Trends Forum to explore the implications of large … Continue reading

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A flurry of AI releases now: GPT-4 and new educational projects

The generative AI world continues to develop at a very fast pace.  I’m buried in project work right now, but wanted to quickly note some developments. The big announcement today was OpenAI’s launch of GPT-4, the next version of its … Continue reading

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