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A queen sacrifice proposed in Arkansas

An Arkansas university is considering a major queen sacrifice. (“Queen sacrifice”: removing tenure-track faculty members, based on a chess analogy) Henderson State University is a rare institution, a public (state-supported) liberal arts university. Their financial exigency committee produced a recommendation … Continue reading

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Two state university systems shrink over a year and a decade

For years I’ve been projecting and observing a decline in American higher education.  Reality keeps giving examples of those projections becoming observable data.  Today’s case in point is a pair of state university systems, one in Pennsylvania, the other in … Continue reading

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How important is higher ed to Americans?

What do Americans think about higher education? buy doxycycline online buy doxycycline no prescription generic   According to a new Gallup poll we value it a bit less than we recently did. For anyone involved in or thinking about higher … Continue reading

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Climate change and behavior modification: the uses and limits of shaming

One response to climate change involves trying to modify human behavior.  This can occur at the most macro levels, such as coaxing multiple nations into reducing their carbon output.  It can also occur through media and pop culture.  Since we’re … Continue reading

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How to shrink a university and how to talk about it: one campus begins the process

For years I’ve told people about the possibility that American higher education is overbuilt.  After more than thirty years of steady growth, around 2012 we reached peak student enrollment, and have seen that population decline every year since.  A series … Continue reading

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Another campus closure, another queen sacrifice

This season has seen quite a few bad news stories for American higher education.  Let me address two developments from my ongoing environmental scanning work in this post, as datapoints for academia’s future. (I’m trying not to be too glum … Continue reading

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An academic accreditor looks at higher ed’s horizon

I think what’s happening right now in Vermont is a crisis in higher education.  There’s no doubt about it… I’m just back from a week in Australia.  It was a very productive time, and also delightful as Oz always is.  The … Continue reading

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Casualties of the future: college closures and queen sacrifices

For years I’ve been thinking about ways of explaining higher education’s present and future.  My peak higher education model is out there, for example, notorious and grim. Beyond that, I wonder if we should think of our time as a … Continue reading

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Some stories for the future of education

Now that my wife and I have hauled ourselves 550 miles or so through storms and chaos, we are resuming our lives and work.  Finally I get resume blogging. But where to pick up?  I thought one good way to … Continue reading

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Adjuncts, harassment, finance, and technology: a look into the chief academic officer mind

What do American provosts and academic deans think is happening with their colleges and universities?  Administrators holding these crucial positions were surveyed recently by Inside Higher Ed and Gallup.  The results are fascinating and vital reading for anyone working or … Continue reading

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