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Isaac Asimov’s Foundation as a tv series, part 1

Apple TV just launched a new series, a serial adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s famous Foundation series.  I’d like to review it here, partly for professional reasons, since the stories are famous examples of futuring science fiction.  Personally, I’m fond of … Continue reading

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A parable about change

When do we see change happening? I’d like to misuse a classic science fiction story as a kind of parable.  See what you think. In 1948 William Tenn published  “Brooklyn Project”, a time travel tale.  In it a dystopian government … Continue reading

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This week in the 21st century

It’s one of those 21st century moments. A history-making whistleblower, who currently speaks to America only through digital video or robots, used Twitter today to explain that the National Security Agency has been hacked.  The target is the Equation Group, … Continue reading

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