I am profiled as an ax-wielding futurist

Ozy magazine just ran a profile of me.  It’s a generous article, covering my career, my current research, and also my homesteading.

You can see that combination in the opening image/title (photo by my wife, Ceredwyn):

I might use “ax-wielding futurist” as my new tag line.

George Lorenzo did a tremendous job of writing here.  First, he had to translate my rambling conversation into clear, well-organized prose.  George also had to wrangle a seriously wide range of topics into an accessible, 1090-word article.

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   Second, he hunted down two great thinkers about ed tech, Howard Rheingold and Stephen Downes, and coaxed them into adding their kind perspectives (agreed, Stephen; institutions are vital for me).

It’s still strange to be written about and depicted.

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  It’s always defamiliarizing for me, seeing myself represented from the outside, and by professionals.  It can be flattering to the point of embarrassment, at times.

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  But it’s also so satisfying to see the ideas I work on move forward into the world.

Thank you Ozy, George, and all.

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2 Responses to I am profiled as an ax-wielding futurist

  1. Zach says:

    Flattering, yes. Deserved? Absolutely! Your work at Middlebury deserves more credit; I am one of the permanent beneficiaries of that era of your career. BTW I will be right there next to you when it’s time to build monuments to Sir Tim B-L.

    Now for the ax-related fun: Normally you are 100% Gandalf (Stormcrow!), but this pic is straight up Gimli. 🙂

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