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AI, higher education, and the future: launching a Substack

What might new developments in artificial intelligence mean for higher education? I’ve been exploring this topic for years, and now would like to announce a new project about it.  I’m launching a Substack newsletter, AI and Academia, with the goal … Continue reading

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This blog in the year 2021

It’s customary at year’s end to look back at one’s career or life over that period.  2021 was a wild year.  It came right after an epic 2020.  2022 also looks challenging… I don’t really have the time this week … Continue reading

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Support your independent higher education futurist

Today I’d like to invite your support for my work. To explain: I’m an independent higher education futurist and can’t do this work alone. What that means: as a higher education futurist, I conduct research into how academia evolves.  A … Continue reading

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When COVID hit higher education: one year ago this week

The COVID-19 pandemic has raged long enough that we now have one year anniversaries.  As vaccines race against variants, we can look back a year to see what we were doing and thinking at the terrible thing began. What did … Continue reading

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Station identification, May 2019

Hello.  I’m Bryan Alexander, and this is my blog. buy xifaxan online buy xifaxan no prescription generic I am a futurist, specializing in the future of higher education and technology. That means I speak, consult, lead workshops, and teach on … Continue reading

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Looking back on 2018 from this blog

It is now a ritual for any digital site to offer a year-end retrospective. The usual patterns involve summarizing a site’s big issues and their highlights, adding a footnote either glum or cautiously optimistic about the year to come. Sometimes … Continue reading

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The FTTE report is now a paid subscription publication

Today the September Future Trends in Technology and Education report will appear. I have a major announcement about that.  This is the last free issue. From now on FTTE will only be available by paid subscription. If you would like … Continue reading

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Post 1,000

Today’s post is number 1,000. That’s one thousand individual blog posts over the past seven+ years. What does this milestone number mean? We can look at it through stats. One thousand posts consist of 620,334 words, according to the WP Word … Continue reading

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Launching a new site: the Future of Education Observatory

I’d like to announce a new web site, the Future of Education Observatory ( It organizes all of my future of education work into one spot.  The FTTE report, the Future Trends Forum, the book club, my published writing, support, and … Continue reading

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The institutions and organizations I've been consulting with

In 2013 I launched a business, Bryan Alexander Consulting (BAC).  Since then I have worked with nearly one hundred organizations, helping them with a variety of various services. In 2013 I set up a basic web presence for BAC.  I … Continue reading

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