Talking higher education on the Disruptors podcast

Disruptors logoA few weeks ago I was interviewed on the Disruptors podcast, and the show just went live.

Matt Ward took us on a whirlwind tour through administrative growth, adjunctification, why higher ed is expensive, the Bennet hypothesis, too many students, peak higher ed, skilled trades, Bryan Caplan and signaling, service jobs, the higher education bubble, demographics, lifelong learning, GDP, lifeboat ethics, Rebecca Solnit, suicides in the wake of automation, dystopia versus utopia, a dream of Bezos, the value of human beings, science fiction, HG Wells, mutating humanity, and Thomas Piketty.  And I invented a new crowdsourcing platform.

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You can listen, and even watch, here.

Thank you, Matt, for the opportunity and conversation.

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