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Experimenting with using ChatGPT as a simulation application

How might we use generative AI tools in higher education? Many address this issue by focusing on chatbots as writing apps, trying to think through what the technology means for teaching writing.  While this is obviously a major part of … Continue reading

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Imagining future universities with Midjourney images

What might future campuses look like? I’ve been using AI art programs for a while, getting to generate images for classes, presentations, social media, and entertainment.  The nexus of automation and creativity is something I’ve been brooding about for years.  … Continue reading

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A public library system resumes some operations

Our local public libraries shut down in March because of the pandemic.  They remained closed until this past week, when they partially opened for curbside pickup. buy clomid online buy clomid no prescription generic Here I offer a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Preserving today's digital universe for the future: an important call

In the years to come, how can universities, libraries, and museums best preserve the digital present for the future? This has been a vital question for decades, but has taken on a new dimension of late as automation and algorithms … Continue reading

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The future of libraries lies in younger, nonwhite people without college degrees

How will libraries change?  Who will use and support them? A new update from Pew Research suggests that while most Americans value libraries, certain populations are more likely to support them than others, especially when it comes to learning from … Continue reading

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Reading _Rainbows End_: the conclusion

And so we conclude our book club’s reading of Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End (previous posts here).  With this post I’ll summarize the closing chapters, offer some reflections, and add some questions for discussion. I have to say the novel was … Continue reading

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What fake news is doing to digital literacy

Yesterday I keynoted a virtual conference on digital literacy and fake news.  Actually, I helped organize an opening panel, then took notes on sessions, then offered a closing presentation. Here are my notes, with a couple of the slides.  The whole … Continue reading

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On that Stanford information literacy study

A Stanford University team won a lot of attention this week by releasing a study on how badly teenagers assess information online.  “Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning” examined more than 7,000 students to check their information literacy skills. … Continue reading

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Future Trends Forum #7 with Deanna Marcum: notes and video

Deanna Marcum was our Future Trends Forum guest on March 21st, and offered excellent thoughts about the evolution of libraries.  Let me summarize the discussion and share the video recording: THE FUTURE OF LIBRARIES We began by discussing the evolution of … Continue reading

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American professors using information: the latest Ithaka S+R survey results

How do professors use information in their research?  Ithaka S+R has been researching this question since 2000, and just released their most recent work.  It’s a survey of American faculty work habits conducted in 2015, and it is very illuminating … Continue reading

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