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On that Stanford information literacy study

A Stanford University team won a lot of attention this week by releasing a study on how badly teenagers assess information online.  “Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning” examined more than 7,000 students to check their information literacy skills. … Continue reading

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Future Trends Forum #7 with Deanna Marcum: notes and video

Deanna Marcum was our Future Trends Forum guest on March 21st, and offered excellent thoughts about the evolution of libraries.  Let me summarize the discussion and share the video recording: THE FUTURE OF LIBRARIES We began by discussing the evolution of … Continue reading

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American professors using information: the latest Ithaka S+R survey results

How do professors use information in their research?  Ithaka S+R has been researching this question since 2000, and just released their most recent work.  It’s a survey of American faculty work habits conducted in 2015, and it is very illuminating … Continue reading

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The future of libraries and what higher ed leaders think of education: Deanna Marcum on the next Forum

Next up on the Future Trends Forum is Deanna Marcum, from Ithaka S+R.  Together we’ll explore the future of libraries and attitudes about the future of higher education shared by campus leaders and experts. We’ll begin by discussing how library services … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the future of museums

From the excellent Center for the Future of Museums comes a fascinating roundtable discussion. The prompt was clear: “what is the future for museums?” Several themes emerged from my perspective. Nearly every speaker assigned a growing importance to access and … Continue reading

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One future for research libraries

On May 12 the head of the National Science Library at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiaolin Zhang, gave a major speech to the THETA conference in Australia.  In the talk director Zhang laid out a vision for the future of the … Continue reading

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Considering a year of bloggery

Looking back on 2014, I was curious about this blog’s most popular posts.  WordPress generated helpful stats, which shed some light on what readers look for in this bloghouse. So what were you most curious about in 2014, my blogospheric audience? … Continue reading

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