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Updated American demographics: becoming an older, more diverse nation

Demographics are a key tool in the futurist’s toolbox.  They represents trends that tend to be more durable than most others.  For education, demographic trends have a powerful influence, shaping the populations we serve in many ways. For instance, consider … Continue reading

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Population trends for higher education beyond the United States

How will changing demographics transform higher education?  Demographics are a vital tool in the futurists’ toolbox, and are also crucial for understanding just about everything in education, including not just higher ed but K-12, informal education, vocational training, and more. … Continue reading

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Building an American caste system, part 1: rural folk

Sometimes my personal and research worlds collide.  Thursday night I was thinking about a good, recent article on the continued suckage of rural broadband and starting to write about it.  My readers know that this is a very immediate problem for … Continue reading

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Another college readies a queen sacrifice

Another American campus has decided to cut faculty and possibly programs.  This time it’s on the west coast, but the queen sacrifice pattern is quite clear.  Mills College officially announced it was “restructuring“.  That includes a “Financial Stabilization Plan (FSP) that … Continue reading

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Has Trump’s presidency cut international student interest in the US?

One possible impact the Trump administration might have on higher education is depressing international student applications to American campuses.  Trump’s hostility to immigrants from certain nations (Mexico, some Muslim-majority countries, etc.) could recast the US in a negative light for … Continue reading

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More on demographics: American white people’s declining lifespan and what it means for education

Human lifespans have tended to rise over the past century.  That’s been a signal achievement of modernity, a combination of improved knowledge, health care, sanitation, and education.  But one American population has seen its lifespan decline since around 2000. Anne Case … Continue reading

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Explaining the 2016 elections: the generational pivot

One of the essential uses of studying history is the way the past can sometimes shock you into a different awareness of the present, along with adding glimpses of possible futures.  We certainly need more awareness when it comes to the … Continue reading

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