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Demographic update: American births continue to decline

How are demographics changing, and what does that transformation suggest about the future? Recently the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published new data on American birthrates. While the results are not surprising to people who follow the topic, they … Continue reading

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Modeling the decline of American Christianity

What does America look like if the decline in Christian belief continues? What might this mean for higher education? buy eriacta online buy eriacta no prescription generic I’ve been tracking this religious trend for a while (2021, 2019, 2017). Today … Continue reading

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The latest data on American demographics and what it means for higher education’s future

The United States Census recently released data about the nation’s population.  This is very rich and useful stuff in general, and in particular has relevance for higher education. Here I’ll summarize highlights, then add some thoughts about what it all … Continue reading

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American life expectancy declined, mostly due to COVID-19

For years I’ve used a certain phrase in presentations.  It came up when I was describing modern demographics.  I would explain how lifespans have increased in developed nations, and that more people will live longer, and then want on to … Continue reading

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American birth rates decline, again, and why this matters for higher education

American fertility shrank in 2020, according to a new Centers for Disease Control report. In this post I’ll break down what that means, and what it implies for the future of education. Overall, the number of children born in America … Continue reading

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American church membership and religious affiliation continue to decline

The number of Americans who belong to a church continued a steady trends of decline, according to a new Gallup poll.  This has many implications for American culture, including higher education, as I’ve noted previously. Let me summarize the poll’s highlights, … Continue reading

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A high school graduation forecast from WICHE

How does the high school to college pipeline look? Many American colleges and universities recruit undergraduate students from the pool of recent high school graduates.  This is usually the stereotypical first-year college student image, a bright 18-year-old who transitions from … Continue reading

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Humanity to 2100: a new demographic analysis

Today I started to write a post about last night’s American presidential debate.  I live-tweeted the whole thing, listening and typing frantically in my office with only cats for company. It felt like having rocks tossed at my head.   Revisiting … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, a demographic update

While COVID-19 roars through the world, it’s important to track significant non-pandemic developments.  Today I wanted to share a demographic update. Readers know I spend a lot of time analyzing how population trends change, exploring how that could impact higher … Continue reading

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The American population continues to change: fewer children, shorter lifespans

America’s population continues to change.  This demographic transformation has powerful implications for higher education’s future. Let me share some recent news and research. First, the number of American births continues to decline, according to a new Centers for Disease Control … Continue reading

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