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Thinking about the future of the web

How might the web change? Today I’m giving a speech to the Reclaim conference in Virginia, and was asked by the mad Jim Groom to help them envision futures of the world wide web. Naturally I asked SlidesGPT to create … Continue reading

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A flurry of AI releases now: GPT-4 and new educational projects

The generative AI world continues to develop at a very fast pace.  I’m buried in project work right now, but wanted to quickly note some developments. The big announcement today was OpenAI’s launch of GPT-4, the next version of its … Continue reading

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One university’s climate change plan

How might higher education grapple with the climate crisis? One example recently appeared from Harvard University.* A campus group there issued recommendations for how that institution could approach the problem. I’d like to summarize, then analyze, that document here. 1: … Continue reading

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So you want to create an online class independent of a school

What’s the best service or tool for creating and hosting an online class by oneself? A client asked me this question last week, and I really didn’t have a solid answer ready to hand, since most of my work to … Continue reading

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Why has higher education decided on Zoom?

Question for you all: why are so many colleges and universities using Zoom, after two+ years of the pandemic? Let me explain my question, then share what I’ve learned from research and conversations. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ve … Continue reading

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How not to write about HyFlex or online learning

As higher ed slides into year three of the pandemic, some of us reflect on what we’ve learned from the experience.  These reflections are important and can be useful, but too many repeat popular mistakes and don’t help us as … Continue reading

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Starting my 2022 Georgetown University ed tech seminar

This week my spring 2022 seminar began. It’s a master’s degree course for Georgetown University’s excellent Learning, Design, and Technology program. The topic is education and technology. In this post, I’d like to share some course materials and my thinking … Continue reading

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Three big ed tech projects: cashing out or historic investments?

Over the past few days three big ed tech entities made major financial moves. I was struck by that coincidence and wanted to explore what the combination might means. ITEM: To start with, major online program manager (OPM) 2U purchased much of … Continue reading

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Curricular analytics: one project and many questions

What are curricular analytics and what can they add to higher education? Yesterday the Future Trends Forum met with Gregory L. Heileman, associate vice provost for academic administration and professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Arizona. He’s … Continue reading

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Flipping the higher ed new normal: from synchronous to asynchronous education

What’s the best role for synchronous teaching and learning during a pandemic? Over the past few weeks the switch to wholly online learning has been represented by live video meetings.  Screenshots of students and faculty in their Hollywood Square boxes … Continue reading

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