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Noted in The Nation

Last week The Nation published a review article by Columbia University professor Andrew Delbanco.  The piece surveys a range of books about higher education in the present, along with some futures work.  Happily, it all starts with my Academia Next: … Continue reading

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The dead won’t shut up: on Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker

The movie theater showing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker began by screening 35 minutes of trailers.  At first I thought this was because they had us trapped.  Then, once I saw The Rise of Skywalker, I realized it was … Continue reading

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Following the human tide

Demographics again?  Yes, I keep honing this powerful tool in the futurist’s toolbox.  Demographic analysis sheds a lot of light on the future of society in general, and of education in particular. Today I’ll touch on a recently published book … Continue reading

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Humanity’s next century: an Empty Planet for education?

Where is the human race headed for the next few generations?  What is in store for higher ed if the population bomb turns out to be a dud? Demographics, demographics, demographics: my audiences know I harp on this topic as … Continue reading

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That bloated administration: a look back at The Fall of the Faculty

In 2011 Benjamin Ginsberg published The Fall of the Faculty, a passionate argument that American higher education was being taken over by a cadre of administrators (publisher; my book store).  These administrators, most especially deans and deanlets, were sapping the faculty’s roles, … Continue reading

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On global economic inequality: a vital book for education

I wanted to share some thoughts about a recent book, as it bears strongly on the future of education. Branko Milanović’s Global Inequality A New Approach for the Age of Globalization (2016: Amazon) is a major work in current events, forecasting, and economics. … Continue reading

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The most important book about American higher education in 2018

Over the past two weeks I’ve read a book about the future of American higher ed, and want to recommend it very highly.  It might be the most important book on the subject published this year. The title is Demographics … Continue reading

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Generations: thoughts on Blade Runner 2049

We watched Blade Runner 2049 last night and were mystified.  It was hard to pin down our overall reactions.  Yes, the film was gorgeous, my children and I agreed, but was it any good?  What was it getting at?  What … Continue reading

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How not to write about public education

Public higher education is the largest chunk of American academia.  That makes bad writing about it especially annoying. Today’s case study is entitled “Halting the Erosion of State Support for Higher Education”, written by Sheldon H. Jacobson (University of Illinois … Continue reading

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Reviewing _Homo Deus_, alas

In my work I have to track various attempts to predict or model possible futures.  Partly this is so I can follow methodological and professional developments.  Partly it’s to improve my thinking about the ways humanity could change. Sometimes this … Continue reading

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