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Two futures events today

Greetings from the last day of an incredibly busy February.  Today’s post is about two futures events taking place or starting today, both of which I recommend. First, today Arizona State University is hosting an exciting event.  It’s a design … Continue reading

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Naming our time: some new terms to try on

What should we call our time? I’ve been looking at answers for this question for a while.  Beyond nullities like “the 2020s” no label has really emerged.  It’s been hard to settle on a handy word or phrase which summarizes … Continue reading

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Higher education trends: live-blogging a Gartner update

This morning I’m live-blogging a conference panel on higher education’s future.  The session is titled “Higher Education Trends, Predictions, Themes, and Future Scenarios” and the venue is the 2023 EDUCAUSE conference in Chicago. I’m live-blogging it, old school.  So there … Continue reading

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Looking ahead 200 years: another age of epic growth

What will humanity do next, after two centuries of extraordinary growth? Last week I asked this futures question, starting off by introducing the incredible boom humanity experience after around 1800 and continuing through the present day. I then offered one … Continue reading

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What does the future look like if humanity shrinks, instead of grows?

Greetings from a pleasant long May weekend in northeastern Virginia.  There’s a holiday on Monday, which makes these three days a good time for reflection.  (Also work, but that’s a different matter.). I’ve been working on a project sub rosa … Continue reading

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Some ways for generative AI to transform the world

For the past two months I’ve been scrambling to work on generative AI.  That’s the phrase I prefer to corral together ChatGPT, art generators like DALL-E, and any AI-driven software which helps us make content. Besides hosting Forum sessions (some … Continue reading

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Imagining future universities with Midjourney images

What might future campuses look like? I’ve been using AI art programs for a while, getting to generate images for classes, presentations, social media, and entertainment.  The nexus of automation and creativity is something I’ve been brooding about for years.  … Continue reading

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How do we think of our present time, looking to the future? The 2022 Polycrisis and what comes next

Today is a Sunday in northeastern Virginia.  It’s a very warm afternoon now, the temperature around 88°F (31°C) and humidity driving the heat index to 100°F (38°C). The cats are resting inside, sensibly basking in air conditioning after lazing on … Continue reading

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Simulations and scenarios for the Ukrainian crisis

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, many wonder how it might conclude.  Will Putin conquer the whole nation, or move on to new targets? How will the western sanction strategy impact Russia? This may be where simulations and scenarios … Continue reading

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Playtesting a university simulation game in a graduate seminar

I’d like to start 2022 on a high note.  After frantically grading impressive student final projects, I thought I could share some of their work from earlier in the fall semester.  Specifically, I’ll describe a teaching game I’ve been developing … Continue reading

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