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Reasons to be optimistic about the future in 2017

What cheers me up in mid-2017? The nature of my work means I have to spend a great deal of time with grim stuff.  In looking hard at the future of education I study (among other things): rising income inequality, … Continue reading

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After human-driven cars: one future for automotive spaces

How will widespread adoption of autonomous cars change America?  One way of answering – and a useful example of futures thinking – is to focus on one small piece of the puzzle.  Namely, what can we do with parking lots … Continue reading

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The shock of the old: still living in the 20th century

Yesterday I wrote about a day in the life of a futurist like me.  At the post’s end I wonder about the most futuristic parts of the day, and the least. As I worked on that post, off and on … Continue reading

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Americans versus the future

For a country that prides itself on invention and innovation, Americans actually don’t think very much about the future.  That’s the conclusion of a new survey (pdf) by the Institute for the Future (IFTF). Let me pull out some key … Continue reading

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