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Announcing a new project: Higher Education’s Big Rethink

How will higher education change in response to this extraordinary year? I’ve been writing and presenting on this topic for a while, and now am delighted to announce a new project addressing it.  I’ve been working on it this summer, … Continue reading

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Webinars that don’t suck: the Monster Manual game

How can we make videoconferencing a rewarding experience?  How do we create webinars that don’t suck? Last week I tried a new group exercise which actually turned out well, and I wanted to share it to see what others make … Continue reading

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Some of my upcoming live video events for this summer

As spring turns to summer, I’d like to point you all to a series of live video events/webinars I’m hosting or guests in over the next two months. All of these are free: May 26, 2-3 pm EDT: how can … Continue reading

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Webinars that don’t suck – part 2

How can we offer webinars and live video events that aren’t terrible? Recently I returned to this topic and wrote about the vital importance of participants’ and presenters’ presence.  Today I’d like to add a second point in this series: … Continue reading

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Webinars that don’t suck – part 1

We are now immersed in more videoconferencing than ever before. We spend more minutes and hours every day in video chats and webinars, thanks to COVID-19. Zoom, Facetime, WebEx, Skype, Adobe Connect, Google Hangout, Adobe Connect, Shindig, Amazon Chime, and … Continue reading

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Transforming the professoriate: this week in the Chronicle of Higher Education

This week I’m doing several things with the Chronicle of Higher Education.  They focus on how college and university faculty roles may change as a result of the coronavirus. First, today the Chronicle published my article “How the Coronavirus Will … Continue reading

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COVID-19 and higher education: three video gatherings

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to infect the world (169,225 cases, 6,494 deaths now) higher education keeps responding.  More campuses are shutting down face to face classes and migrating instruction online (see our latest data). Among many other developments, video … Continue reading

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COVID-19, academia, and the big push online: an update

How is higher education responding to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak? (If you’re new to this blog, I’ve been tracking the virus since it appeared in January, as part of my broader project of studying the future of higher education.  You … Continue reading

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Have you played Webinar Bingo?

If you take in enough webinars, you notice certain patterns.  The same mistakes and weirdnesses keep cropping up. So my friend Steven Kaye and I decided to share our experiences in the time-honored tradition of turning these videoconferencing pains into… … Continue reading

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How far will digital video go?

In 2019 the growth of digital video looks like one enormous and steady trend.  We see video appear wherever we can wrangle a screen, from smartphones to large screen tvs to the backs of passenger airplane seats and the fronts … Continue reading

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