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Will humanity take these decarbonizing steps this year? The Lynas choice

Today, July 15th, the Sunrise Movement is organizing a national action in the United States.  Its aim: to pressure the Biden administration to take more serious steps about the climate crisis. In line with that call, I’d like to pose … Continue reading

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Heat domes, low-density campuses, and what we can do: two excellent readings

As I write this post two major crises are hitting the world in ways which bear closely on higher education’s future. Across the world very high, even extraordinarily steep temperatures are striking certain regions from Siberia to Canada, causing humanitarian … Continue reading

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A leaked climate report and what it could mean for higher education

Life on Earth can recover from a drastic climate shift by evolving into new species and creating new ecosystems. Humans cannot. Every few years the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issues reports on the climate crisis.  These documents are … Continue reading

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The 2021 Earth Day summit and higher education

Starting tomorrow, Earth Day, the president of the United States will host an international summit about climate change.  Joe Biden will announce new American greenhouse gas targets and there are opportunities for negotiations and deals, possibly brokered by the US. … Continue reading

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Higher education and climate change: a snapshot of this month’s developments

How climate change may impact higher education: as I write more of Universities on Fire new developments and stories keep crossing my research radar. Let me share several as a glimpse of the topic from the past few weeks. ITEM: … Continue reading

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What our pandemic year tells us about how we might respond to the climate crisis

What does our experience with the COVID pandemic suggest about how humanity will deal with the far greater crisis of climate change? As a futurist, I’ve been thinking about this for a while (see earlier posts 1 and 2) and … Continue reading

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From the Kara Sea to the college quad

Thinking about the intersection of higher education and climate change sometimes can be daunting in its scope and complexity. Sometimes small, individual stories are a good way into the topic. Today’s case in point: a Russian gas tanker just traveled … Continue reading

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My climate change work in Numérique responsable

In October I gave a talk (online, of course) about climate change and the future of higher education.  EDUCAUSE hosted the event; accordingly, my focus was on campus information technology.  I appreciated the chance to try out my most recent … Continue reading

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Looking ahead to the next eight years of climate change action: possibilities and a poll

Now that Biden has defeated Trump, what are the options for climate change activism? With those post I’d like to poll you all, dear readers, getting a sense of your thinking while crowdsourcing some futures awareness. To explain: President-elect Biden … Continue reading

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Higher education and climate change, a view from late 2020

This week I gave a short talk on climate change and higher education.  The venue was the EDUCAUSE annual conference, online entirely for the first time. This was a new talk.  I haven’t spoken solely to climate change and academia … Continue reading

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