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Updated American demographics: becoming an older, more diverse nation

Demographics are a key tool in the futurist’s toolbox.  They represents trends that tend to be more durable than most others.  For education, demographic trends have a powerful influence, shaping the populations we serve in many ways. For instance, consider … Continue reading

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Several dark stories and trends for higher education this week

Over the past week I enjoyed numerous conversations with faculty and staff from more than one hundred colleges, universities, museums, and libraries, a good number from countries other than the US.  I also: facilitated several discussions, both online and in … Continue reading

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Which majors are growing and which are shrinking: new data

What are students getting undergraduate degrees in? The latest data is out from Humanities Indicators, and many familiar trends continue therein. The short version: engineering, the health and medical sciences, and the natural sciences are growing.  Humanities, education, and business … Continue reading

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Public universities move away from supporting poor students

State funding for American public universities has been declining for a generation.  The New York Times catches on updates us on the latest data. David Leonhardt (Twitter) cites the Times’ recent scorecard of higher education and poor people’s access to … Continue reading

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Higher education enrollment declined in 2017. Again.

The total number of students enrolled in American high education declined in 2017. Again. I’ve been tracking this trend of steadily, unbroken enrollment decline since 2013.  But before I grimly crow about that, let’s look at the details. The data (pdf) comes … Continue reading

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America’s demographic currents flowed on schedule in 2016

During 2016 America’s population continue to move in many of the ways we’ve come to expect.  538 analyzes the latest census data.  There isn’t anything mind-blowingly new in this report, beyond confirmation of trends I and others have been discussing. … Continue reading

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A trend to watch: teaching classes from one campus to another

How can colleges and universities share courses online?  That is, can students at one institution take a class taught by faculty at another? The answer has been “yes” for some years, and I’m not talking about MOOCs or University of … Continue reading

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