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Employers, hire more people without college degrees, says the New York Times

Do employers require too many college degrees from applicants? The New York Times now thinks so.  An editorial today – not from a single author, but from the paper’s entire editorial board – calls on employers to be more open … Continue reading

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Another power station attack

Will the United States descend into civil unrest? This is a futures topic I’ve been tracking for years.  There’s a lot of data from multiple domains to follow, with various trends and stories emerging.  Today I want to update on … Continue reading

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Modeling the decline of American Christianity

What does America look like if the decline in Christian belief continues? What might this mean for higher education? buy eriacta online buy eriacta no prescription generic I’ve been tracking this religious trend for a while (2021, 2019, 2017). Today … Continue reading

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American higher education enrollment declined again, continuing a decade-long trend

Enrollment in American higher education just declined.  Again. That means the total number of students taking classes in American colleges and universities during spring 2022 went down compared to the previous semester (fall 2021) and the prior spring term (2021).  … Continue reading

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American life expectancy declined, mostly due to COVID-19

For years I’ve used a certain phrase in presentations.  It came up when I was describing modern demographics.  I would explain how lifespans have increased in developed nations, and that more people will live longer, and then want on to … Continue reading

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American higher education enrollment declined again this spring

For nearly a decade I’ve been tracking one higher education enrollment trend. Since 2012 the total number of students taking classes in American colleges and universities has declined.  It’s a steady trend, with the curve dipping down every single academic … Continue reading

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American tuition discounting rose again: what that means and why it matters

Today I’m going to describe a key datapoint in higher education. To do so I need to explain a deep weirdness in how students pay for American college and university classes.  Many people have a hard time grasping this strange … Continue reading

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American church membership and religious affiliation continue to decline

The number of Americans who belong to a church continued a steady trends of decline, according to a new Gallup poll.  This has many implications for American culture, including higher education, as I’ve noted previously. Let me summarize the poll’s highlights, … Continue reading

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College and university enrollment fell even more steeply this fall, continuing a long term trend

How is college and university enrollment currently changing as a result of fall conditions?  Have the pandemic and recession sent more people to campus? In late September the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center offered its first pass at presenting fall … Continue reading

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Five community colleges to merge

I’ve been forecasting and tracking college mergers for a while.  Today I’d like to add another merger to the list. Five Minnesota community colleges will merge within two years, according to Inside Higher Ed.  That’s (in alpha order) Hibbing Community … Continue reading

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