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One gaming design exercise in a seminar

Last week I tried a new exercise in my gaming seminar, and wanted to post about it because it went well and might be useful.  I’d also like to build on the exercise. To recap: at this point in the … Continue reading

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Preparing my gaming and education class for spring 2024

Next month I’m starting one of my favorite classes, and I wanted to share the draft syllabus with you all.  It’s the gaming and higher education seminar for Georgetown University’s Learning, Design, and Technology program and I’m very excited about … Continue reading

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Experimenting with using ChatGPT as a simulation application

How might we use generative AI tools in higher education? Many address this issue by focusing on chatbots as writing apps, trying to think through what the technology means for teaching writing.  While this is obviously a major part of … Continue reading

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Starting up our gaming and education seminar

This week I’m teaching my gaming and education seminar for Georgetown University’s Learning, Design, and Technology program.  I’d like to share my plans for it here. (This week’s book club post is on its way.  It’ll be the next one.) … Continue reading

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Designing games for education

Today we had a great Future Trends Forum session and I wanted to share as much of it as I can here. Our guest was famed designer Michael Townsend, creator of the famous A Dark Room, and who has just released … Continue reading

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The Climate Game: an educational simulation from the Financial Times

How can we use games and simulations to teach about the climate crisis? An interesting example comes from the British Financial Times, which just launched a small web game.  Let me outline the game, then offer a few thoughts. In … Continue reading

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Simulations and scenarios for the Ukrainian crisis

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, many wonder how it might conclude.  Will Putin conquer the whole nation, or move on to new targets? How will the western sanction strategy impact Russia? This may be where simulations and scenarios … Continue reading

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Playtesting a university simulation game in a graduate seminar

I’d like to start 2022 on a high note.  After frantically grading impressive student final projects, I thought I could share some of their work from earlier in the fall semester.  Specifically, I’ll describe a teaching game I’ve been developing … Continue reading

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US-China tensions continue and academia is very involved

Last weekend I participated in a simulation game about a potential US-China-Taiwan conflict. It was very well done, created and hosted most ably by a group of George Washington University students. Nearly 10 bright folks ran the show as facilitators … Continue reading

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Introducing a little parlor game: 3+ Brilliants

Amidst the many stresses and demands of November 2020, let me take a quick break to present a small parlor game for anyone’s use and amusement. I call it 3+ Brilliants, and it’s pretty simple. Each player has to come … Continue reading

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