I help organizations address issues around technology, especially in terms of learning and new media:

Speaking, keynoting, addressing. I speak frequently to organizations, campuses, cultural heritage institutions, governmental agencies, and other groups on a variety of topics, including the future of education, the impact of technology on education, digital storytelling, and digital humanities.  My presentations are energetic and tailored to specific audiences.  I elicit active audience engagement through questions, discussion, polling, small groups, and other techniques.  (More information here)

Workshops. I conduct group events focused on specific areas of knowledge, such as:

  • Digital storytelling
  • Futuring.
  • Technologies for teaching

These workshops are intense, practical, suited to specific groups, and always yield practical take-aways.

Facilitation. I help groups work through issues and topics.  Groups include deans meeting to discuss strategy, faculty developing new curricula, and libraries struggling to understand the future. My methods include guided conversation, unconference strategies, respectful listening, and group writing through digital media.

Consulting. I help institutions and groups with the many issues surrounding technology and people, especially in terms of learning and strategy.  Topics include: social media; gaming and gamification; mobile devices; exploring the future; digital storytelling. My consulting services include the above offerings (facilitation, speaking, workshops), along with:

  • Conducting research, including report and plan writing;
  • Advising;
  • Being on call to address a topic.

Questions, requests?  Please contact me.

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