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The next 15 years of high school graduates

What will the high school graduate population look like in the near- and medium-term future?  A new Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) study, Knocking at the College Door, looks at graduation rates through 2032, and thereby offers some … Continue reading

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Another effect of rising income inequality: charitable giving has changed

What does increasing income inequality mean for higher education? I’ve been investigating this for several years, addressing different implications.  Today I’d like to touch on another aspect, that of charitable donations.  Many American educational institutions benefit from philanthropy, from universities … Continue reading

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Researchers, caught between Trump and inequality, reinvent patronage

How will higher education change in the Trump era?  MIT’s Tech Review offers a glimpse into one way ahead, looking at climate scientists, and their new (yet very old) funding strategy through income inequality. In San Francisco, appropriately enough an … Continue reading

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Will the United States experience civil unrest in 2017-2018?

The 2016 American elections saw many passions and surprises, sometimes directed at the political process and structure of American society.  Is it possible that these clashes will break out into civil unrest? I don’t mean to ask this in an … Continue reading

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Demographics and the future of education: lessons from a new study

As a futurist I love demographics.  Unlike, say, technology, pop culture, or policy, demographics change verrrrrrrry slowly.  Once a population is born, it’s easier to trace its outlines and project them forward than it is to extrapolate from nearly any … Continue reading

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What does Trump’s victory mean for higher education?

So what will a Trump administration do to/for/with American higher education? It is now established that it’s difficult to predict anything around Trump.  Worse for prediction, his campaign said very little about post-secondary education, so we have little to go … Continue reading

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Creating a digital literacy report: the survey piece, part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the survey we ran to support the NMC digital literacy report.  Now I’d like to add more details about the survey.  Most notable were people’s thoughts about the future of digital literacy. After asking about various … Continue reading

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