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From the 2018 ITHAKA Next Wave conference: libraries, publishers, and higher education

Last week I helped emcee the ITHAKA Next Wave conference.  It was a rich and powerful experience, and I want to share some reflections here. The event presented cutting-edge thinking about the future of higher education, from economics to demographics, … Continue reading

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Student loans in the present and future: a Bloomberg analysis

What’s the state of student loans for American higher ed, and how is that situation likely to develop in the future?  A new Bloomberg investigation yields some important and disturbing insights. I’ll put out some key details here. …and just … Continue reading

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Notes on China: possible threats to American higher education

How will developments in US-China relations impact those nations’ higher education systems? My readers and listeners know that China has played a key part in American academia’s expansion into international markets.  I’ve drawn attention to the recent growth in the … Continue reading

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The 2018 Horizon Report has appeared, thanks to EDUCAUSE

The 2018 Horizon Report, started by the New Media Consortium in 2017, was completed and published by EDUCAUSE this week. I have many thoughts to share here.  I’d also like to broaden the conversation beyond what I’ve seen so far. … Continue reading

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How can small colleges survive the 21st century?

How can American small colleges survive and thrive in the 21st century? I’m posing this question for discussion.  Think about what you know of this American institution and how it is faring now. And to spur your thoughts, read this sobering … Continue reading

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American higher ed is overbuilt

Why is so much of American higher education ailing? Because it’s overbuilt.  Let’s explore that idea by starting with a quick round-up of recent news. We can start with campus declines and cuts.  The president and CEO of the Thurgood … Continue reading

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Higher education is ailing. It hasn’t been destroyed – yet.

Over the past week a discussion about the future of American higher education has unfolded across the web. Things began with the publication of new enrollment data.  I commented on this, and Josh Kim responded, as did commentators on his column.  … Continue reading

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Pushing back on peak higher ed: a discussion with Joshua Kim

Last week I reviewed the peak higher education idea twice.  First there was an update on the now six-year-running enrollment decline.  Next I reflected on my peak hypothesis in light of recent history and emerging factors. Around the same time … Continue reading

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Academia after peak higher education

What happens to colleges and universities after peak higher education? Some background: five years ago I introduced the peak higher ed idea with a blog post.  Inspired by other peak discussions (peak car, peak sand, peak oil, etc.) I applied the … Continue reading

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Which university or college will be the first to reach $100,000 per year?

When will an American college or university cost $100,000 per year to attend? I’d like to put this potential milestone out there as a provocative future, as well as a possible forecast. Let me explain. It’s well known that the … Continue reading

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