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Portrait of a technology-using professor in 2016

Derek Bruff just launched a podcast about teaching with technology, called Leading Lines (and if you don’t know Derek, you should.  He’s brilliant, thoughtful, and the world’s guru for teaching effectively with clickers).  Leading Lines is aimed at present-day teaching, … Continue reading

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More fine podcasts from 2016

My podcast habit continues to grow.  I’ve already described my playlist as of January.  Today I’d like to add some more podcasts, new to me, for your aural delectation. I’ve organized this group of ten by the headers used in … Continue reading

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I am all over the media this week, in podcasts and video

Recently I’ve been ramping up my digital media work, between the Forum and some digital storytelling.  At the same time other people have been including me in their productions, which has been exciting, productive, and a lot of fun. For … Continue reading

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Talking about the future of education with university business officers

If you like audio, here’s another interview with me.  I met with the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) and talked about all kinds of educational developments.  I’m very excited to work with NACUBO, since campus finance leaders … Continue reading

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Podcatching frustration: on leaving Stitcher, looking for a new podcast strategy

I continue my podcast listening adventure in this post (previous entries here, here, here, and here). In November I started using a new podcatcher on my Android phone, the Stitcher app.  As I noted then, it was a mixed bag, … Continue reading

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Podcasting about the future of education

Here’s an education, technology, and the future trifecta.  Jim Dutcher (SUNY Cobleskill) interviewed me about the future of education for his podcast. He also interviewed with the indispensable Casey Green.  Casey’s the creator and steward of the Campus Computing Project. Jim framed … Continue reading

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Fine podcasts for 2016: a mega-list of what I’m listening to

2015 saw a rebirth of interest in podcasts, and 2016 may well see an even larger podcast world.  This is very exciting, and heartening to long-time podcast obsessives like myself. In that spirit let me share which podcasts I’m listening … Continue reading

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