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The Moonshot.edu program interviewed me about the future of education.  Show creator and host Bernard Bull was a fantastic host, offering thoughtful questions and a fine sense of humor.

In the podcast we speak of the futures profession, both my unusual career arc into it and how we balance (in Bernard’s terms) advising people about a future and trying to change futures.  I dwell on the classic utopian/dystopian divide in imagining futures.

Then we turn to literature and fiction.  Bernard asks me to write a novel about the future of education (!), and we wonder about appropriate genres (science fiction, mystery, picaresque, historical fiction, bildungsroman).  I recommend Rainbows End (here’s our book club’s reading).

Then I reference peak higher education, with a glance at the queen sacrifice.  Bernard points to Bryan Caplan, who was a fine Future Trends Forum guest.

Bernard asks me to speculate on the near and medium term future of education. Also on deck: changing enrollment patterns, the possibility of declining support for higher education, college athletics, and more.  I offer a couple of moonshot ideas; let me know what you think of them.

Thanks again to Bernard Bull for the lovely opportunity.

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4 Responses to Futures, educations, novels, dystopia and utopia

  1. Christine Shakespeare says:

    I appreciate and value @Bryan Alexander’s opinion and forecasts. However, o am curious what a woman futurist would say in answer to the same questions or scenarios.
    I have no doubt, women in higher ed have a completely different take on things.

  2. Matthew Henry says:

    Yes, yes, and double yes on writing a novel about the future of education! What if you did the ground work and we all contributed?

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