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Reading _Rainbows End_: the conclusion

And so we conclude our book club’s reading of Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End (previous posts here).  With this post I’ll summarize the closing chapters, offer some reflections, and add some questions for discussion. I have to say the novel was … Continue reading

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How not to write about reading in 2017

Another day, another screed lamenting the decline of reading at the chilly hands of digital technologies.  This time it comes from one Philip Yancey, and offers a very Washington Post Goth/metal-sounding title: ‘”The death of reading is threatening the soul“. … Continue reading

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Reading _Rainbows End_: part two

What might education look like in the near future? Let’s explore by continuing our reading of Vernor Vinge’s 2006 novel Rainbows End.  Last week we read the first nine chapters.  Today we’ll look into the next ten, chapters 10-19. I’ll … Continue reading

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Reading _Rainbows End_, part 1

This week our book club starts reading Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End. In this post I’ll introduce the reading (up through chapter 9)*, sketch out the first nine chapters, offer some notes about the world, then ask some questions. For an … Continue reading

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Our next reading is _Rainbows End_, by Vernor Vinge

Over the past week I asked people to volunteer our book club‘s next reading.  The topic: science fiction.  The list: around 33 crowdsourced and curated titles collected over the past two years. And the winner?  73 votes were cast, leading … Continue reading

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Which science fiction novel should our online book club read next?

Now that we’ve finished with Tressie Cottom’s Lower Ed (here are all of my notes and your comments), we can consider our next reading.  And it’s time our book club returned to near future science fiction.  Yes, it’s time to … Continue reading

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Concluding _Lower Ed_: the epilogue

With this post we conclude our reading of Tressie McMillan Cottom‘s Lower Ed: The Troubling Rise of For-Profit Colleges in the New Economy (publisher; Amazon). Here we’ll discuss the book’s epilogue. As usual I’ll begin with a short summary, followed by questions.  As … Continue reading

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