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A modest presidential proposal

My blogging has been slow these past few weeks. buy singulair online buy singulair no prescription generic   My apologies.  The reasons include starting up fall semester, finishing the new book, and dealing with multiple family health crises.  Hopefully we’ll … Continue reading

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The college admissions/athletics scandal gets parodied

The recent college admissions/athletics scandal continues to roll on, with commentary, revelations, firings, and denunciations rippling across the land.  But for now I wanted to draw attention to jokes about it. The Onion poked at the college sports angle with … Continue reading

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A devil’s dictionary of education keywords

Last year I wrote “A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology”.  Inspired commentators joined in and helped build an expanded version. Now I’d like to take a shot at applying Bierce’s satirical approach to educational terminology beyond technology.  May it entertain, … Continue reading

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A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology, Part 2

People liked my Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology post so much that I’ll return the favor by offering another installment here. In fact, my cruel and inhumane post inspired a great deal of creative writing by commentators.  I’ve included many of them … Continue reading

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A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology

In the dark and satirical spirit of Ambrose Bierce, I offer the first draft of a Devil’s Dictionary for educational technology terms.  May it entertain, and all be forgiven. App, n.  An elegant way to avoid the World Wide Web. … Continue reading

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