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An update on my summer crises

Last month I shared with you all the story of two awful things which happened this summer: my father’s death and my wife having a heart attack.  People responded with a lot of concern and care, which helped things here … Continue reading

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Personal downsides of 2023, or why I’m a bit quieter than usual

I fear that I’ve fallen weirdly silent at times, on this blog and elsewhere, during the past year.  Some of you may be waiting for me to reply to emails you’ve sent.  Others have pinged me via LinkedIn messages, Twitter … Continue reading

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The hottest days on record have been this week

“It was getting hotter.” -Kim Stanley Robinson, Ministry for the Future (2020), opening line Greetings from early, very hot July here in the eastern United States. My apologies for not blogging much the past few weeks, but things have been … Continue reading

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Ten years of our futures enterprise!

Ten years ago this week my wife and I launched our business, Bryan Alexander Consulting. Ten years! And we’re still going strong. When BAC began this enterprise was mostly driven by improvisation and extrapolation. We learned – fast – how … Continue reading

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Personal thoughts on Ted Kaczynski’s death

Ted Kaczynski has died. I have many thoughts and some stories. 1: He and I both spent years at the University of Michigan, although not at the same time. I took several classes in the building where he once taught. … Continue reading

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Thinking through smoke

Vast firestorms across a series of Canadian provinces sent huge plumes of smoke aloft, as I noted on Sunday. Those clouds have since drifted south, across the international boundary, and down across several American states, including the one where my … Continue reading

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My new book, Universities on Fire, is now in the world

Today is a good day for me.  My new book, Universities on Fire: Higher Education in the Climate Crisis, is now published.  It’s my Johns Hopkins University monograph on how colleges and universities might be impacted by climate change for … Continue reading

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56: another great year closer to the grave

Yesterday I turned 56 years old. Once more I rode the Earth for a single solar orbit, busily working on the planet’s surface while generating my share of electromagnetic emissions hurtling into space at the speed of light. Here I’ll … Continue reading

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My month after COVID

It’s been about a month since I came down with COVID-19, after nearly three years of researching the virus.  Since the aftermath is interesting from medical and public health perspectives, I thought I’d continue to share my story here.  It’s … Continue reading

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COVID diary, day 8 – out of isolation!

My COVID infection and isolation diary, continued. (Previous posts: days 1-2, 3-4, 5-7) November 5 I slept late again, easily, and only woke around 10 am when a campus public health officer called to check on me.  I felt clear-headed, … Continue reading

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