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Health care nation appears in some high schools

As a futurist I study and produce scenarios.  These are short stories about possible futures, visions of what might come to pass and within which participants might see themselves.  They are a classic forecasting method.  (Check Wikipedia for a good … Continue reading

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Modeling the decline of American Christianity

What does America look like if the decline in Christian belief continues? What might this mean for higher education? buy eriacta online buy eriacta no prescription generic I’ve been tracking this religious trend for a while (2021, 2019, 2017). Today … Continue reading

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Modeling civil unrest in the United States: some historical cases

Greetings from the United States holiday of Labor Day.  I took a day off yesterday with my wife to explore Fredericksburg, a nearby Virginia city with interesting historical and general stuff.  Being an America, I couldn’t take the day really … Continue reading

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A shattered consensus: the end of college for everyone

For a generation or more America has held a rough cultural consensus: that the more people go to college, the better.  In fact, some have argued for everyone to get some higher ed experience, or least to prepare all K-12 … Continue reading

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Reading the new IPCC climate crisis report: part 1

Today we’ll start our reading of the new IPCC climate report. In this post you’ll find a summary of the “Summary for Policymakers,” along with questions, observations, and some resources.  We’re following the online reading plan laid out here. 1: … Continue reading

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Scenarios for the next COVID-19 variants: the SAGE document

What will COVID-19 develop into?  What variants should we expect? I’d like to continue my futures exploration of the pandemic today by focusing on a set of scenarios recently published by Britain’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).  It’s an … Continue reading

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Four futures for higher education after neoliberalism

How might higher education change if society moves beyond the neoliberal order? Scholar Chris Newfield recently published a fine set of scenarios for future colleges and universities.  It is very much worth your time to explore.  Here I’ll set the … Continue reading

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The post-COVID summer of higher education

What happens to higher education if COVID-19 vaccines are widely taken by next summer? Way back in September I offered a scenario with a much darker vision, based on COVID continuing to gnaw on society for several more years.  Today … Continue reading

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Imagining higher education after three COVID years

What happens if we don’t have a COVID-19 vaccine by early 2021?  Or 2022?  In other words, what might the world look like if the pandemic continues at around the present level for several years? Last week I used this … Continue reading

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Another Toggle Term: North Carolina State University

This week has seen two American universities choose what I’ve dubbed a Toggle Term.  That means they began the fall semester with in-person education but switched over to wholly online education once infections took off. The first Toggle was the … Continue reading

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