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One path forward for public higher education: ending in-state tuition discounts

American public universities traditionally offer two very different prices for students: one for those coming from other states, and a much cheaper one for those who live in-state.  Is it possible to consider another model, a scenario where campuses end … Continue reading

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Two powerful futures from Kim Stanley Robinson

Scenarios are useful ways to imagine possible futures.  Recently novelist Kim Stanley Robinson offered two powerful and starkly different scenarios which are both remarkably accessible and enormous in scope.  This happened on the Radio Open Source podcast, which I recommend … Continue reading

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When education doomsayers aren’t grim enough

Recently Inside Higher Ed ran two columns arguing that higher education is in serious trouble.  Their titles proclaimed a very grim analysis: “What Happens If Higher Ed Collapses?” and “The Culling of Higher Ed Begins”.  Both contain useful bits of … Continue reading

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American health care reform under the Republicans: three scenarios

Once again I detour into politics.  It’s for a good reason, I assure you. Today the United States Senate Republicans have issued their own health care reform proposal, the ‘‘Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017’’.  Finally shared in public after … Continue reading

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Universal basic income: Bruce Sterling imagines the rest of the 21st century

How might universal basic income play out, if we choose to adopt it as a way to restructure our economy and society?  Cyberpunk writer, journalist, and killer speech-giver Bruce Sterling dove into some possibilities at the close of this year’s … Continue reading

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Automation versus jobs: a new model

How will automation impact tomorrow’s jobs?  I and others have been exploring this increasingly urgent question, with an eye towards the intersection of education and society. The Foresight Alliance team just added to the discussion with a new publication, combining … Continue reading

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Several visions of the future of higher education

What might higher education become in the next decade? I shared several scenarios with NACUBO, the excellent American higher ed business officers’ group.  They are based on the following possibilities: The development of decent software-based tutors Continued growth of the … Continue reading

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