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The extractive democracy in 2017 and beyond

Two years ago I wrote about extractive democracy.  I used the term to describe America’s recently acquired habit of extracting wealth from the poorest of us, in order to shift those monies to the wealthiest, using mechanisms of state.  I cast … Continue reading

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Explaining the 2016 elections: the generational pivot

One of the essential uses of studying history is the way the past can sometimes shock you into a different awareness of the present, along with adding glimpses of possible futures.  We certainly need more awareness when it comes to the … Continue reading

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Notes on the Trump inauguration speech

Greetings from Malta, where Europeans have plenty of thoughts on the new American president. I watched the inauguration on the web from a hotel room in San Anton, and also followed via social media until it was time to walk … Continue reading

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The shock of the old: how Americans actually got election news in 2016

Much discussion about the 2016 American presidential election touched on the role of digital technologies.  Social media and web-based fake news are popular (if partial) explanations of Trump’s victory.  Yet if a new Pew study is right, those sources only … Continue reading

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Boris Badenov, hacker: skeptical thoughts on the Russian election espionage affair

I’ve been following the Russian American election hacking story between speaking gigs, physical meetings, international travel, winter storms, and holiday planning.  Finally I have a few minutes to write about this here.* Overall, I’d like to caution people at this … Continue reading

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Will the United States experience civil unrest in 2017-2018?

The 2016 American elections saw many passions and surprises, sometimes directed at the political process and structure of American society.  Is it possible that these clashes will break out into civil unrest? I don’t mean to ask this in an … Continue reading

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The struggle for the Democratic party’s future begins with calls to head left

Greetings from Finland, where I’m enjoying a week’s residency kindly supported by Arcada University.  This Nordic/eastern European perch is an interesting one from which to view the results of our American election. Let me pick out one aspect for this … Continue reading

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