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From 2023 to 2024: a growing academic civil war

2023 is nearly done, for which many people are no doubt thankful. In several blog posts I’d like to look back at the year before it’s over to identify some trends which look likely to shape 2024. Today’s topic is … Continue reading

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American views on higher education worsen, again

Just a quick post, as I’m on the road: Americans now view higher education less favorably than we used to. That’s the finding of a new Gallup poll.  Gallup has run this poll several times in recent history, and the … Continue reading

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Personal thoughts on Ted Kaczynski’s death

Ted Kaczynski has died. I have many thoughts and some stories. 1: He and I both spent years at the University of Michigan, although not at the same time. I took several classes in the building where he once taught. … Continue reading

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Employers, hire more people without college degrees, says the New York Times

Do employers require too many college degrees from applicants? The New York Times now thinks so.  An editorial today – not from a single author, but from the paper’s entire editorial board – calls on employers to be more open … Continue reading

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A state government asks one university for data on its DEI and critical race theory work

A datapoint for how American politics impacts higher education in 2023: the state of Florida just told one university to provide data about some of its academic operations.  Specifically, how it spends money on diversity, equity, inclusion, and critical race … Continue reading

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Another power station attack

Will the United States descend into civil unrest? This is a futures topic I’ve been tracking for years.  There’s a lot of data from multiple domains to follow, with various trends and stories emerging.  Today I want to update on … Continue reading

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How many colleges and universities are blocking TikTok?

How might rising US-China tensions impact higher education? This month we’re seeing developments on one small aspect of that larger question.  Interest in blocking hit video app TikTok has been cropping up in the United States.  Fifteen states now prohibit … Continue reading

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What is going on with attacks on American power stations?

When is a story a signal of a future event? I’ve been tracking a recent series of events which, while receiving little media attention, suggest some serious possibilities.  They involve attacks on American electrical power stations.  This isn’t about higher … Continue reading

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More on changing American religion and higher education

Greetings from Santiago, Chile.  I am here to give a talk to, and meet with people at, an Ellucian users’ conference. It’s lovely to be in person for an educational technology event.  I’m masked, but can still bask in human … Continue reading

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Modeling the decline of American Christianity

What does America look like if the decline in Christian belief continues? What might this mean for higher education? buy eriacta online buy eriacta no prescription generic I’ve been tracking this religious trend for a while (2021, 2019, 2017). Today … Continue reading

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