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A growing partisan split over American higher education

American attitudes towards higher education are increasingly driven by party politics.  According to new Pew research, Democrats are more likely to like colleges and universities, while Republicans are even more critical of them than they used to be. A majority … Continue reading

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American health care reform under the Republicans: three scenarios

Once again I detour into politics.  It’s for a good reason, I assure you. Today the United States Senate Republicans have issued their own health care reform proposal, the ‘‘Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017’’.  Finally shared in public after … Continue reading

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Building an American caste system, part 1: rural folk

Sometimes my personal and research worlds collide.  Thursday night I was thinking about a good, recent article on the continued suckage of rural broadband and starting to write about it.  My readers know that this is a very immediate problem for … Continue reading

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Why I host conversations in 2017

Why should anyone host a conversation in 2017? I’ve been meditating on this question over the past few weeks, between multiple professional trips (all in the US this time), a series of online presentations, several face-to-face presentations, three meeting facilitations, … Continue reading

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Two new free college plans and the future of higher education

Last week Bernie Sanders and allies introduced legislation to provide tuition-free public higher education for students in families making less than $125,000 per year.  At the same time New York’s governor announced the Excelsior Scholarship, setting up a similar plan … Continue reading

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The extractive democracy in 2017 and beyond

Two years ago I wrote about extractive democracy.  I used the term to describe America’s recently acquired habit of extracting wealth from the poorest of us, in order to shift those monies to the wealthiest, using mechanisms of state.  I cast … Continue reading

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Explaining the 2016 elections: the generational pivot

One of the essential uses of studying history is the way the past can sometimes shock you into a different awareness of the present, along with adding glimpses of possible futures.  We certainly need more awareness when it comes to the … Continue reading

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