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Why I host conversations in 2017

Why should anyone host a conversation in 2017? I’ve been meditating on this question over the past few weeks, between multiple professional trips (all in the US this time), a series of online presentations, several face-to-face presentations, three meeting facilitations, … Continue reading

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Two new free college plans and the future of higher education

Last week Bernie Sanders and allies introduced legislation to provide tuition-free public higher education for students in families making less than $125,000 per year.  At the same time New York’s governor announced the Excelsior Scholarship, setting up a similar plan … Continue reading

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The extractive democracy in 2017 and beyond

Two years ago I wrote about extractive democracy.  I used the term to describe America’s recently acquired habit of extracting wealth from the poorest of us, in order to shift those monies to the wealthiest, using mechanisms of state.  I cast … Continue reading

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Explaining the 2016 elections: the generational pivot

One of the essential uses of studying history is the way the past can sometimes shock you into a different awareness of the present, along with adding glimpses of possible futures.  We certainly need more awareness when it comes to the … Continue reading

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Notes on the Trump inauguration speech

Greetings from Malta, where Europeans have plenty of thoughts on the new American president. I watched the inauguration on the web from a hotel room in San Anton, and also followed via social media until it was time to walk … Continue reading

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The shock of the old: how Americans actually got election news in 2016

Much discussion about the 2016 American presidential election touched on the role of digital technologies.  Social media and web-based fake news are popular (if partial) explanations of Trump’s victory.  Yet if a new Pew study is right, those sources only … Continue reading

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Boris Badenov, hacker: skeptical thoughts on the Russian election espionage affair

I’ve been following the Russian American election hacking story between speaking gigs, physical meetings, international travel, winter storms, and holiday planning.  Finally I have a few minutes to write about this here.* Overall, I’d like to caution people at this … Continue reading

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