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A day in the life of a futurist

People often ask what I do as an educational futurist.  As one answer I thought I’d share a kind of diary, to give a sense of the practical work and life. 6:30 am – rise later than usual, due to … Continue reading

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Improving a campus without growth: Matt Reed’s excellent and difficult challenge

What if your college or university isn’t going to grow, and you can’t cut your way to sustainability?  What do you do then?  Community college dean and Inside Higher Ed commentator Matt Reed posed this hard challenge in a couple of … Continue reading

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An update on the staggering mass of student loan debt

How are Americans paying for higher education through student loans?  The New York Federal Reserve Bank offered an update this week. tl;dr version: student debt continues to rise. In detail: the total amount of student debt rose to more than … Continue reading

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When I consider how a friend’s light is spent

I’ve known Bernie DeKoven for around twenty years.  If you don’t know him, Bernie is a guru of fun, a paladin of play.  He has devoted his life to playfulness, from developing games and practices on his own and also helping … Continue reading

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Still more American university cuts and mergers

As American colleges and universities work to fill up their fall classes, some are struggling to cope with low enrollment and financial pain.  Once more, our higher ed sector continues to be unhealthy.  Once again, the queen sacrifice is on … Continue reading

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Is April Fool’s 2017 when we pass peak prank?

It’s April Fool’s, and already sighs have arisen from across the United States.  Jokes, japes, pranks, and spoofs are in the air, and many people are grumbling in frustration rather than laughing in delight. I wonder if we’re experiencing a … Continue reading

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What makes a great webinar? Part 1

In 2015 I explored various aspects of giving a great presentation (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).  Those posts concerned in-person, face-to-many-faces events, and I really need to turn them into an ebook.  Now I’d like to branch out and discuss … Continue reading

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