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The future election takes off: finishing _Infomocracy_

And so we come to the end of Malka Older’s Infomocracy (all posts here).  All kinds of things happen in the novel’s second half, so if you haven’t read those chapters yet, be warned that here be spoilers. Overall, I … Continue reading

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A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology

In the dark and satirical spirit of Ambrose Bierce, I offer the first draft of a Devil’s Dictionary for educational technology terms.  May it entertain, and all be forgiven. App, n.  An elegant way to avoid the World Wide Web. … Continue reading

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American tv “news” networks look blearily at the mirror and swear to change, for real this time

Media coverage of the 2016 American presidential campaign has become so terrible that even tv “news” people are starting to question themselves.  They worry that the relentless pursuit of ratings has led them to abandon journalistic principle, and maybe even … Continue reading

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What the failure of lifelogging tells us about technology and the future

Remember lifelogging?  That was the idea that devices would video our lives for later viewing.  It’s been a science fiction trope for a while, inspiring stories like John Crowley’s amazing “Snow”. Yet in 2016 lifelogging hasn’t taken off.  In fact, … Continue reading

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How bad is rural broadband? Today’s New America Foundation panel

Just how bad is rural broadband in America, and why? Today I watched a New America Foundation panel discussion on this subject, streamed, called “Fueling the Broadband Economy”.  It was hosted by Michael Calabrese, Director,  Wireless Future Project, Open Technology Institute … Continue reading

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Two new signs of educational inequality

How does growing income inequality impact American education and culture?  To what extent does our education system mitigate or construct that economic divide?  I’ve been tracking this for several years, and wanted to share two recent stories.  Both are about … Continue reading

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Redoing my social media ecosystem for 2016: mostly the consumption side

It’s the time of year when green leaves start to anticipate their plummeting deaths, and I’m thinking about what I’m doing on the web. During this late summer there’s been a lot of reflection concerning where the web has lurched to … Continue reading

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