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A devil’s dictionary of education keywords

Last year I wrote “A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology”.  Inspired commentators joined in and helped build an expanded version. Now I’d like to take a shot at applying Bierce’s satirical approach to educational terminology beyond technology.  May it entertain, … Continue reading

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Public universities move away from supporting poor students

State funding for American public universities has been declining for a generation.  The New York Times catches on updates us on the latest data. David Leonhardt (Twitter) cites the Times’ recent scorecard of higher education and poor people’s access to … Continue reading

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Carving up the internet in May 2017

Just how divided and controlled will the internet become? I’ve been tracking the trend of internet balkanization for several years.  Many nations have been attempting to carve up internet access in various ways, from local filters to ISP arrangements and … Continue reading

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Reading _Lower Ed_: The Real

We continue our reading of Tressie McMillan Cottom‘s Lower Ed: The Troubling Rise of For-Profit Colleges in the New Economy (publisher; Amazon). Here we’ll discuss the book’s first numbered chapter, The Real. I’ll begin with a short summary, followed by questions. Before I get … Continue reading

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The future of jobs and education: a new Pew study

How will education prepare learners for the next generation of employment? A new Pew Research Center study surveyed more than one thousand people, including myself, and recently published the results.  It’s a rich report, and I recommend you work through … Continue reading

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Awful writing about the internet: mid-May 2017 edition

It is, apparently, still a good time to write very, very badly about problems with the internet. I’ll tackle a couple of samples in this post.  As before, I’m interested in drawing out general practices to avoid.  Settle in for … Continue reading

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My ruthless Facebook purge of spring 2017

Today I commenced another round of Facebook cuts, and thought I should reflect on the why and how. As some of you know, I use Facebook daily.  Partly that’s to connect with people who don’t communicate with me any other … Continue reading

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