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Will the United States experience civil unrest in 2017-2018?

The 2016 American elections saw many passions and surprises, sometimes directed at the political process and structure of American society.  Is it possible that these clashes will break out into civil unrest? I don’t mean to ask this in an … Continue reading

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What does Trump’s victory mean for higher education?

So what will a Trump administration do to/for/with American higher education? It is now established that it’s difficult to predict anything around Trump.  Worse for prediction, his campaign said very little about post-secondary education, so we have little to go … Continue reading

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New data on student debt

How much do students owe in college loans?  New data has just appeared from the Institute for College Access & Success (ICAS or TICAS) , and their report is essential, if unsurprising, reading for anyone interested in American post-secondary education. Some … Continue reading

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Another campus in sharp decline

I haven’t been writing much about queen sacrifices or other problems in higher education financing for a while, mostly for time reasons.  Let me get back on track, and start with one Illinois campus. Last spring I wrote about problems … Continue reading

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Genetic engineering, augmented reality, and the extractive economy: starting off _Company Town_

Last week a bunch of you decided to read Company Town in our near-future science fiction online book club.  Here’s a post for talking about the novel’s first third. First I’ll offer a quick summary of the plot so far. Next I’ll … Continue reading

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It’s time to blow up the tv “town meeting” scam

I have plenty of reactions to last night’s presidential debate (quick list here), but wanted to expand on one in particular in this post. We have to stop doing tv town halls.  We have to stop it now. Because they … Continue reading

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A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology, Part 2

People liked my Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology post so much that I’ll return the favor by offering another installment here. In fact, my cruel and inhumane post inspired a great deal of creative writing by commentators.  I’ve included many of them … Continue reading

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