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Two new signs of educational inequality

How does growing income inequality impact American education and culture?  To what extent does our education system mitigate or construct that economic divide?  I’ve been tracking this for several years, and wanted to share two recent stories.  Both are about … Continue reading

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Redoing my social media ecosystem for 2016: mostly the consumption side

It’s the time of year when green leaves start to anticipate their plummeting deaths, and I’m thinking about what I’m doing on the web. During this late summer there’s been a lot of reflection concerning where the web has lurched to … Continue reading

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Another Fairpoint internet failure; the struggle continues

I would really not prefer to blog about this.  Honestly, I have many, many other topics that excite and interest me, and which are probably of greater interest to you, my readers.  But America’s lame broadband situation is, alas, of … Continue reading

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Automation versus jobs: a new model

How will automation impact tomorrow’s jobs?  I and others have been exploring this increasingly urgent question, with an eye towards the intersection of education and society. The Foresight Alliance team just added to the discussion with a new publication, combining … Continue reading

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Which near future science fiction book should we read next? Polls are open

Onward with reading science fiction! Last month we started exploring near-future science fiction, to see what insights could be gleaned about the next decade or so, and to have fun.  I organized titles and timelines via posts here, and people … Continue reading

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Powerwall progress

I’d like to update you on our Powerwall experiment, and there’s a special reason I’m doing so at this moment. EDITED TO ADD: update at the end of this post. We’ve had the giant battery attached to our house since … Continue reading

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What would you like to see in my consulting website? A shameless plea for advice

I’m in the midst of overhauling my consulting company’s very basic website, and now turn to you, dear readers, for your thoughts and suggestions. The context: I launched the site three years ago as a basic thing, a quick WordPress … Continue reading

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