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A devil’s dictionary of education keywords

Last year I wrote “A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology”.  Inspired commentators joined in and helped build an expanded version. Now I’d like to take a shot at applying Bierce’s satirical approach to educational terminology beyond technology.  May it entertain, … Continue reading

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My very geeky Atlantic Monthly article

My post about the technology and history in the new Star Wars movie got syndicated by the Atlantic Monthly.  This is the first time I’ve appeared in that journal. At the same time a good article about the role of … Continue reading

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Creating a digital literacy report: the survey piece, part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the survey we ran to support the NMC digital literacy report.  Now I’d like to add more details about the survey.  Most notable were people’s thoughts about the future of digital literacy. After asking about various … Continue reading

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Creating a digital literacy report: the survey piece, part 1

After the release of that New Media digital literacy report last week, I’d like to share a few blog posts about what went into making it, along with some reflections afterward.  Call it a behind the scenes look. To begin … Continue reading

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On digital literacy: we release a new report

Over the past three months I’ve had the privilege of working with the New Media Consortium to develop a new report on digital literacy.  Our research and writing were also generously supported by Adobe. Today the report is live, and … Continue reading

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Catching up with my latest book: Gearing Up for Learning Beyond K–12

Late last year I published another book.  It’s a little one, crammed with information and ideas, and available in paperback: Gearing Up for Learning Beyond K–12 (Solution Tree Press, 2015) The goal of this book is to explain changes in higher … Continue reading

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What has happened in digital storytelling since 2011? A selfish query

I have a nice opportunity, thanks to my publisher, to create a second edition of my 2011 book The New Digital Storytelling. Praeger wants the new version to reflect what has changed in the digital storytelling world over the past five … Continue reading

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