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Technology trends for mid-2017: Mary Meeker’s latest

Mary Meeker has released her latest technology trends presentation.  As usual, it’s important and rich stuff. I’ll pull out some highlights for the future of education and technology. At a meta level, it’s fascinating to see how investors think about … Continue reading

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Carving up the internet in May 2017

Just how divided and controlled will the internet become? I’ve been tracking the trend of internet balkanization for several years.  Many nations have been attempting to carve up internet access in various ways, from local filters to ISP arrangements and … Continue reading

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Fairpoint, our local ISP and telco, fails again and again

I’ve written previously about the multi-leveled incompetence of FairPoint, our (only) local ISP and phone company.  I thought I’d follow up with further tales of woe.  This time they fumbled basic phone service, customer communication, and an internet upgrade, all … Continue reading

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Awful writing about the internet: mid-May 2017 edition

It is, apparently, still a good time to write very, very badly about problems with the internet. I’ll tackle a couple of samples in this post.  As before, I’m interested in drawing out general practices to avoid.  Settle in for … Continue reading

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My ruthless Facebook purge of spring 2017

Today I commenced another round of Facebook cuts, and thought I should reflect on the why and how. As some of you know, I use Facebook daily.  Partly that’s to connect with people who don’t communicate with me any other … Continue reading

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What is LBRY and what does it mean for education?

Last week I learned that a new technology platform lacking any vowels in its name had copied Berkeley’s soon-to-be-removed lecture recordings and re-published them on its own network, or space, or blockchain.  The Berkeley story is important, and I hope to … Continue reading

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Vermont governor Scott’s historic broadband mistake

Vermont’s new governor has given his first budget address. It is, among other things, bad news for our state’s broadband situation. Our internet speeds tend to be low, which is typical for a rural American state. For several years Montpelier … Continue reading

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