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Vermont governor Scott’s historic broadband mistake

Vermont’s new governor has given his first budget address. It is, among other things, bad news for our state’s broadband situation. Our internet speeds tend to be low, which is typical for a rural American state. For several years Montpelier … Continue reading

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The shock of the old: how Americans actually got election news in 2016

Much discussion about the 2016 American presidential election touched on the role of digital technologies.  Social media and web-based fake news are popular (if partial) explanations of Trump’s victory.  Yet if a new Pew study is right, those sources only … Continue reading

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Moving forward in dark times: two inspirations

Where do we go for inspiration and optimism? I’ve been asking myself this over the past half year, especially when I’ve been submerged in dark times.  Obviously the Trump election has been a force for depression.  2016 has for many … Continue reading

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Rogue One: the weird ferocity of nostalgia

We saw Rogue One in a theater yesterday.  “We” includes my son, Owain, who’s a serious Star Wars fan, plus myself, my wife, and our friend Elena, who all loved the first movie when it came out in 1977, when … Continue reading

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The humanitarian case for automation: the case of suicide prevention

One of the arguments driving the spread of automation is, in some ways, the polar opposite of cold equations.  Humanitarian reasons can encourage us to automate functions currently performed by humans.  A good example of this is the potential of self-driving … Continue reading

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Lame broadband is a direct hit on Vermont’s livelihood

(Just published this on VT Digger) Now that the 2016 election is over and we’re looking forward to the near future, we should consider one Vermont issue that hasn’t received a lot of attention. Rural internet connectivity is not doing … Continue reading

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The great October DDoS attack: first thoughts, implications for education

This past Friday saw one of the worst cyberattacks since, well, ever.  It’s very early days and information is hazy.  I’d like to summarize some observations in the moment, then add tentative reflections on education. A massive distributed denial of service … Continue reading

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