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Redoing my social media ecosystem for 2016: mostly the consumption side

It’s the time of year when green leaves start to anticipate their plummeting deaths, and I’m thinking about what I’m doing on the web. During this late summer there’s been a lot of reflection concerning where the web has lurched to … Continue reading

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This week in the 21st century

It’s one of those 21st century moments. A history-making whistleblower, who currently speaks to America only through digital video or robots, used Twitter today to explain that the National Security Agency has been hacked.  The target is the Equation Group, … Continue reading

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Two small examples of technologies emerging

Last month I shared two little but interesting examples of new technologies. Today’s I’ll offer another pair. ITEM #1: some virtual reality gear is rapidly becoming more accessible.  In July my wife and I participated in the fine NYSCIO conference, … Continue reading

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Home internet restored after three days; disturbing issues; next steps

We’re back online at home.  After three days offline, Fairpoint finally fixed their problem and ours.  Which is the good news.  Actually, we have good news, bad news, and good/bad news. The good: around dinner time Monday night our routers … Continue reading

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Offline in Vermont, again

So my house and family are cut off from the internet.  Again. It’s actually the second day we’re been offline, and Fairpoint, the utility company, can’t get us back online for a third. Let me explain. My family lives in … Continue reading

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The dawning of the age of neural dust

It’s widely understood that computing has been shrinking in size for some time.  It might not be as well appreciated just how tiny computing has become. Case in point: the development of smart dust.  Computing so small that it resembles dust … Continue reading

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Powerwall progress

I’d like to update you on our Powerwall experiment, and there’s a special reason I’m doing so at this moment. EDITED TO ADD: update at the end of this post. We’ve had the giant battery attached to our house since … Continue reading

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