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Looking for a more ambitious writing experience in an app: an exploration

For years I’ve written articles, interviews, chapters, and books using a combination of software tools.  Now I’m looking for something more advanced. Currently my main writing application is Microsoft Word, as it is for many people. I also use Google … Continue reading

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Positive notes on which to start 2024

Greetings 2024! I’d like to greet you with optimism and a story of gifts.  You see, I ended 2023 with some grim posts (1, 2) and would like to balance those out with some of what cheers me up. 2023 … Continue reading

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Social media platform numbers: how many people are using what today?

Greetings from an extremely busy day.  Today the Future Trends Forum is going to explore options for academic Twitter.  I’m very excited about this conversation. Where are folks going?  How many are staying on Twitter, and how many WILL head … Continue reading

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What I’m doing with social media now

Greetings from a pleasant early August, at least in terms of weather. I’m back home in the Washington DC area and the heat wave has moved on.  It’s still very warm (84 degrees F) and humid, but not so beastly … Continue reading

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Thinking about the future of the web

How might the web change? Today I’m giving a speech to the Reclaim conference in Virginia, and was asked by the mad Jim Groom to help them envision futures of the world wide web. Naturally I asked SlidesGPT to create … Continue reading

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Rebooting my use of Mastodon

After another few frustrating months on one Mastodon server, I’m trying the whole experience again with a reboot.  I shifted my account to a new instance, which means you can find me at this address? handle? some elephant-ish nickname? … Continue reading

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Please stop making “my greatest hits of the year” lists

I’m not doing any “best of 2022” reflections this year. I’ve come to realize that those kinds of reflections are an utter, meaningless waste of time.  At best they are irrelevant, based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how digital creators … Continue reading

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How many colleges and universities are blocking TikTok?

How might rising US-China tensions impact higher education? This month we’re seeing developments on one small aspect of that larger question.  Interest in blocking hit video app TikTok has been cropping up in the United States.  Fifteen states now prohibit … Continue reading

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ChatGPT and higher education: last week and this week

What might ChatGPT mean for higher education? Last week I posted a list of resources on that question.  Then on Thursday we held a Future Trends Forum session on the topic. More than 250 people joined us. A series of … Continue reading

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Resources for exploring ChatGPT and higher education

What might ChatGPT mean for higher education and society? EDITED TO ADD: This is a living document, and has grown since first posted. Today I’m hosting a Future Trends Forum session on the topic (please do join us!).  Here I’d … Continue reading

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