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Powerwall progress

I’d like to update you on our Powerwall experiment, and there’s a special reason I’m doing so at this moment. EDITED TO ADD: update at the end of this post. We’ve had the giant battery attached to our house since … Continue reading

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What would you like to see in my consulting website? A shameless plea for advice

I’m in the midst of overhauling my consulting company’s very basic website, and now turn to you, dear readers, for your thoughts and suggestions. The context: I launched the site three years ago as a basic thing, a quick WordPress … Continue reading

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How the internet could evolve to 2026: responding to Pew

The Pew Research team is conducting a survey to explore how the internet could evolve over the next decade.  And they were desperategenerous enough to include me in that study.  I’m honored, as Pew has long done tremendous work on … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s technology plan: first thoughts and implications for education

The Hillary Clinton campaign released a major statement on technology policy (shorter version) this week.  Here I’d like to quickly sketch it out, then look for education implications, with final notes on what it means for the presidential race. Overall, it’s … Continue reading

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Internet trends: the latest Mary Meeker report

Mary Meeker just shared her latest internet trends report, and, as ever, it’s essential reading. Let me share some highlights which impact the future of education and technology. 1. The international big picture Demographics continue to demonstrate “slowing population growth… … Continue reading

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The Tesla Powerwall fails: life as an early adopter

On May 3rd we started using a Tesla Motors Powerwall at home.  The thing is basically a giant battery, used in our case to supply electricity when grid power fails.  We live in a remote location and power comes via … Continue reading

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How people use social media to learn about current events: new research

A growing number of Americans get their news through social media. That’s what the latest Pew Research survey demonstrates. This is obviously of interest to anyone tracking technology use.  It should be vital for educators, as this describes information habits … Continue reading

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