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Digg is going to kill Digg Reader; what should we do now?

After five years of operation Digg Reader, an RSS reader, is about to be killed. Here’s what greeted me over the weekend when I fired it up in a web browser: As far as I can tell there haven’t been any … Continue reading

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Elon Musk to create satellite broadband network

Elon Musk just launched several satellites with the aim of creating a world-wide broadband network. It’s early days and there isn’t a lot of information, but what I’ve gathered is as follows: a network of satellites in very low Earth … Continue reading

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Quick thoughts on the Falcon Heavy launch

Yesterday SpaceX conducted a test launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket.  The launch was successful, and two of the three boosters returned successfully.  The payload is apparently headed towards the asteroid belt. Here is one good video: A few quick thoughts … Continue reading

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Reading blogs in 2018: thoughts and things to do

So are blogs dead in 2018, or are they a viable part of the web? To find out I decided to exploit my friends reach out to my social networks to see what kind of blog activity they were currently up … Continue reading

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Down with that new-fangled technology: a Vermont anecdote

This morning it was around -10 °F (-23 °C) before the sun rose: It’s been colder, but rarely so bright at night.  Yet that’s not the anecdote I wanted to share. A few days ago Vermont Public Radio shared a … Continue reading

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How will we respond to the dawning age of fake video?

What could happen if our trust in video collapses? Put another way, how could we respond when video can be altered as easily as images can be Photoshopped? Let me explain.  We are approaching that state now.  Humans love video, … Continue reading

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An anecdote about health care, uneven technology use, and Vermont

I was in a central Vermont hospital waiting room yesterday.  Around the large room ten people were quietly sitting. Then an older woman was wheeled in from surgery of some kind, looking good, if tired. She stared at the room, then loudly … Continue reading

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Preserving today's digital universe for the future: an important call

In the years to come, how can universities, libraries, and museums best preserve the digital present for the future? This has been a vital question for decades, but has taken on a new dimension of late as automation and algorithms … Continue reading

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On the solstice, dark thoughts for 2018

Today is the winter solstice.  It is the longest night of the year, for those of us on Earth’s northern hemisphere.  In that hemisphere’s northern country, where I live, it can also be a day of cold, snow, and ice, … Continue reading

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Patreon reverses itself; what next?

Over the past week a controversy ignited the crowdfunding stratum of the internet.  It was important for that group of people, and also impacted my work directly.  It seems to be over now, but could well resume.  There may be … Continue reading

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