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How not to write about YouTube and politics

Video continues to grow into a massive 21st century digital medium, and YouTube is becoming something like humanity’s leading shared meeting and storytelling place.  Digital video’s scale and rapid growth curve make it difficult to apprehend at times, which means … Continue reading

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What’s the best venue for long-form discussion in 2017?

Is there a good digital platform for conducting long-form, multiple participant conversations in 2017? I’m thinking of conversations that don’t end quickly, but develop and iterate as ideas are posed and reflected upon, with multiple participants weighing in over time. … Continue reading

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Which old digital technologies will become new again?

We’re accustomed to a model of technological innovation that works like this: a mysterious project introduced on a stage, then takes the world by storm.  Think of the iPhone, say, or the first Apple Mac, or, further back, Post-Its. Yet … Continue reading

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I defy the world and go back to RSS

It may be perverse, but in this age of Facebook (now 2 billion strong) I’ve decided to rededicate myself to RSS reading.  That’s right: old school, Web 2.0 style. Why? A big reason is that Facebook’s front page is so, … Continue reading

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Somehow I emitted 40,000 Tweets and I just won’t stop

I just passed a strange digital milestone.  This morning I reached 40,000 tweets. Tweet 40,000. — Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander) June 28, 2017 That’s a lot of Twitter.  It’s a prodigious amount of writing.  Let’s say that’s roughly a little … Continue reading

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Technology trends for mid-2017: Mary Meeker’s latest

Mary Meeker has released her latest technology trends presentation.  As usual, it’s important and rich stuff. I’ll pull out some highlights for the future of education and technology. At a meta level, it’s fascinating to see how investors think about … Continue reading

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Carving up the internet in May 2017

Just how divided and controlled will the internet become? I’ve been tracking the trend of internet balkanization for several years.  Many nations have been attempting to carve up internet access in various ways, from local filters to ISP arrangements and … Continue reading

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