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When Silicon Valley turns on itself

In case you haven’t seen it, this Paul Lewis article in the Guardian has attracted a lot of attention.  The theme of “‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia” concerns some Silicon Valley technologists … Continue reading

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Glimpses of a world of stacks

Incidents from the past 24 hours, as evidence for a digital future strongly shaped by powerful stacks: A friend shares a BBC story about a new UNESCO report concerning learning.  The document sounds fascinating and important.  But there is no … Continue reading

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Equifiasco: what will happen next, and what should we do?

Let’s step back from the future of education for a moment and consider one of the biggest technology stories of the week: the spectacular Equifax hack.   To do so let’s keep thinking about the future, and where this could … Continue reading

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New venues for long-form conversation online

A month ago I asked you all about the best digital platforms for hosting long form discussion.   I’ve been exploring this topic, and wanted to follow up. One reason is that there have been some really excellent conversations on … Continue reading

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Cat videos have brought the posthuman era upon us all

The Singularity is coming, and cute cat videos are its herald. This all became clear to me yesterday when Google’s Assistant placed on offering before me, like a ruthless hunting cat depositing a dead bird on its human’s doorstep. It … Continue reading

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How not to write about YouTube and politics

Video continues to grow into a massive 21st century digital medium, and YouTube is becoming something like humanity’s leading shared meeting and storytelling place.  Digital video’s scale and rapid growth curve make it difficult to apprehend at times, which means … Continue reading

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What’s the best venue for long-form discussion in 2017?

Is there a good digital platform for conducting long-form, multiple participant conversations in 2017? I’m thinking of conversations that don’t end quickly, but develop and iterate as ideas are posed and reflected upon, with multiple participants weighing in over time. … Continue reading

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