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The humanitarian case for automation: the case of suicide prevention

One of the arguments driving the spread of automation is, in some ways, the polar opposite of cold equations.  Humanitarian reasons can encourage us to automate functions currently performed by humans.  A good example of this is the potential of self-driving … Continue reading

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Lame broadband is a direct hit on Vermont’s livelihood

(Just published this on VT Digger) Now that the 2016 election is over and we’re looking forward to the near future, we should consider one Vermont issue that hasn’t received a lot of attention. Rural internet connectivity is not doing … Continue reading

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The great October DDoS attack: first thoughts, implications for education

This past Friday saw one of the worst cyberattacks since, well, ever.  It’s very early days and information is hazy.  I’d like to summarize some observations in the moment, then add tentative reflections on education. A massive distributed denial of service … Continue reading

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This week’s pair of science fiction technologies phasing into everyday life: robots and rockets

This week two more science fiction technologies entered our world in a big way.  This time they are robots and rockets. First, robots: an Estonian company is about to trial its delivery bots in Washington, DC.  Starship Technologies has built … Continue reading

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Rural broadband update: can the squeaky wheel get the ISP grease?

I’d like to update you on my rural broadband efforts.  (If you would like the backstory, check these posts) Over the past few weeks I and others have been pressing hard on a variety of fronts.  We’ve pinged and interviewed … Continue reading

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Two more science fiction technologies became real this week

Sometimes the twenty-first century feels like science fiction.  Let me share two stories from this week that show previously speculative technologies entering everyday life. First, the United States Department of Transportation issued regulatory guidelines for autonomous cars.  That means the … Continue reading

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Considering one spectacular black swan for education

How would educators respond in case of one black swan event: the internet going down? I don’t mean when a local provider has issues, or if one’s institution is based in a rural area, or when a campus goes offline for … Continue reading

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