What should we read next? A survey

What should we read next for our online book club?

We recently finished Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End (2006), a science fiction novel imagining changes to education and technology over the next few decades.  Now we’ll turn back to nonfiction, and here’s where you get to help choose.  Possible titles appear from a variety of fields bearing on the future of education: technology, education, economics, policy, history, and criticism.

If you’re new to our book club, know that since 2014 we’ve been reading books covering different ways of approaching education, technology, and the future.  Titles have included media history, near-future science fiction, education economics, anti-authoritarian schooling, changes in higher education, sociology of class, the emerging world of automation, and the 21st century’s most important work of economics.  As our book club progressed, some of the authors have been guests on the Future Trends Forum; scroll down and see.

You can vote using the shiny widget right below this paragraph.  You can cast ballots for up to three (3) titles.  For more information about the would-be readings, the big list of books with links and descriptions appears just after the survey tool.


Polls will stay open for a week, after which I’ll select the next reading.

Here’s that giant list of nonfiction books:

You can vote in this poll, and also add thoughts in comments below.  You can support up to three titles.

I’m looking forward to your choices!

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7 Responses to What should we read next? A survey

  1. Joe Murphy says:

    A quick comment regarding _Minds on Fire_, the only book on the list I’ve already read. While it is primarily an explanation of RTTP, it’s grounded in an exploration of the nature and history of college and specifically students’ drive toward “subversive play.” So there are some more generalizable themes made visible; it’s more than an ad.

    (It’s also not much in the book, but the RTTP community is doing some neat exploration with role-playing games in online or blended courses, and the use of electronic communication tools even in face-to-face games.)

  2. Peter Frase sounds like a good one.

  3. gmphap1 says:

    So, there is a time when a book comes along between polls that it needs to be considered. Cathy Davidson’s book is a must read: https://www.amazon.com/New-Education-Revolutionize-University-Students-ebook/dp/B01N0WU65A/ref=sr_1_1

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