Which near future science fiction book should we read next? Polls are open

Onward with reading science fiction!

Last month we started exploring near-future science fiction, to see what insights could be gleaned about the next decade or so, and to have fun.  I organized titles and timelines via posts here, and people responded by comments, blog posts, tweets, and Goodreads comments.

We just finished reading one novel, Paulo Bacigalupi’s The Water Knife (posts here, here, here; all tagged).  Now which book should we read next?

Here’s a poll.  I selected titles that received two or more expressions of support here and elsewhere (G+, Facebook, email, Twitter).  Check this post for more information about each novel.

I’ll let this run for a few days, then announce the winner.





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9 Responses to Which near future science fiction book should we read next? Polls are open

  1. CogDog says:

    Voted. I’m a registered Alexanderian.

    But isn’t the election a bit… well odd? I only recognize two authors on this list, and from them, just one title. So isn’t a vote predicated on having prior knowledge of the book or author?

    I trust you enough to choose or give it to some randomizer function. It’s less about the book itself and the experience of reading / commenting in parallel.

  2. CogDog says:

    Oh, some tiny trivia- Andy Weir’s mom lives nearby (Payson AZ) http://www.paysonroundup.com/news/2015/aug/28/shes-martians-mom/

  3. Steven Kaye says:

    Nitpick – it’s Infomocracy.

  4. CogDog says:

    Yeah link ist here, lazy me. No I think Weirs parents came here later. You have to go farther north for the planetary terrain, too many trees here. I heard they still do some training at Meteor Crater

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