Our project has a title! Now for next steps

Last week I asked for your thoughts on naming a new project, a higher education and technologies futuring research effort.  Over the next few days nearly one hundred votes poured in.

Which name won out?  The clear winner was FOECast, for Future Of Education foreCast.

Name polling results

Bravo!  And thanks to everyone who contributed their votes and thoughts.

We can now proceed with our design effort.  (I’m also busy tagging some previous posts “FOEcast”, so you can find them all in one spot.)

(And if the name doesn’t work out, no worries.  We can rename things once we complete the design phase.)

First up, we will launch an organizing website.  What would you like to see in it?

Here are some thoughts:

  • A clear description of the project
  • A wiki or Google Doc for people to indicate their interest and share their thoughts
  • A timeline/blog/calendar for next steps (and see below)
  • An email notification sign-up
  • Name and link to a Slack group

Do those sound useful?  What else should we add?  We’ll get this going quickly.

forecast hurricane_NASA Goddard

Now, for next steps after the site launches.  Here’s what’s on deck.

  • Preparing for at least two face-to-face design thinking sessions.  There’s a lot of activity happening now, and I’ll update you all (here and at the FOECast site) as it clarifies.
  • Planning for a synchronous design thinking/brainstorming session.  This would combine videoconference with Google Doc or wiki, and be open to any interested folks.
  • Getting ready for an asynchronous design thinking/brainstorming exercise.  This should take several days and combine multiple technologies: videoconference (several sessions), wiki or Google Doc, social media.  The idea here is to keep working on FOECast, but involving people more fully from global time zones (which is essential!), and giving more time for reflection than a synchronous session affords.
  • I’ll continue pinging individuals and organizations who’ve expressed interest through email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and their blogs.
  • There could be more, too, as the project develops and interest continues to build.

The FOECast website will help organize these different efforts, and aggregate our accumulating thinking.

How does that sound?

reaching for tomorrow_Jamais Cascio

It’s very exciting to see this progress!

(photos by Jamais Cascio and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

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3 Responses to Our project has a title! Now for next steps

  1. Taylor Kendal says:

    Exciting to have a community carrying the torch of NMC (and more). Happy to provide support with regards to branding and website development as needed.

    Friend or FoeCast…both? 🙂

  2. Lisa Gustinelli says:

    It all sounds new, fresh and exciting. If the content goes
    as well as the naming we have a winner Bryan!

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