A new report from an all-women futurists group

We need more women’s voices in the futures field.  That’s a well known issue in the profession, reflected in discussion, planning, and work (for the latter, witness the new, gender-balanced APF board).  Much work remains.

That’s one reason I’m excited to see the appearance of “Providentia’s Prospectus“.  This Futures Forum publication represents the forecasting work of nine women and no men.  It’s also an international group (Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Kenya, and Bulgaria, as well as the USA), which is excellent.

Not just another trends outlook, this report is the first to curate the views of women futurists from five regions of the world – Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Because the work of The Futures Forum is about creating a thriving world that works for all, we are intentional about filling the gap in the strategic foresight community, by ensuring that companies and organizations have a more inclusive perspective on the futures landscape.

The Prospectus addresses eighteen trends across several categories: “Political, Economic, Social, Health, Environmental, and Technological.”

There is also a video introduction:

Brava to Claire Nelson for editing and producing this report!

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5 Responses to A new report from an all-women futurists group

  1. Mandy Honeyman says:

    This is an interesting, though short, report and the contributors globally representational. However, it was a little disappointing how disproportionally biased the wording was towards US concerns.

    • Bryan Alexander says:

      I wonder if that’s an artifact of trying to be transnational in a US-dominated world.

      • Mandy Honeyman says:

        Yes, possibly, except, dare I say it? It is only a US-dominated world if seen through a US-dominant lens.

        • Bryan Alexander says:

          Especially so, agreed.

          Sigh. So much of my work is about achieving a global, transnational way of thinking. And yet the nation – each nation – exerts a terrific pull.

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