Help name our new future of education project

This year a group of us are developing a research project about the future of education and technology.

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Last week I described a plan for how this can proceed.

Today we’re going to choose its name.

votingWhat should we call the project?

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  This week you get to vote for your preferred title.  That poll has a big list of terms, generated by interested people.

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Just head there and pick out your favorites (two maximum).

For context, remember that this is a project aiming improving our understanding of the future of education and technology.  We’re going through a design process to create the best vehicle for such research, especially as suited for the world of 2018 and beyond.  We’re inspired by a variety of projects, including the late New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report*, Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Observatory of Educational Innovation, and my own FTTE report.

Here’s the list: Parallax, Edge, Ambit, Compass, Edge, Prospect, Genesis, Panorama, Periphery, Outlook, Vision, Vista, Perspective, Landscape, View, Sunset, Standpoint, Vanishing point, View, Foresight, Vanguard, Exploration, Terra Incognita, Wayfinding, North Star, Aurora, Crepuscule or Avenir (“future” en français), Frontier, Vision quest, Future line, Destination, Future of Education, FOECast (Future of Education foreCast).  You can also suggest other terms.

We’ll run the poll for a week, then see what the project’s code name will be.

Then we’ll set up a website with that name, tell everyone who’s inquired about it, and proceed with the design process.  I’ll add the new name as a tag to all of my blog posts about the project.

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So go vote!  And please add thoughts and questions in the comments box below.  Watch this space for updates.

*I repeat, I have no affiliation with NMC, nor is this project aimed at NMC’s intellectual property.

(thanks to Maya Georgieva for setting up the poll!)

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9 Responses to Help name our new future of education project

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Brian
    Standpoint didn’t make it on the form so I chose Panorama. Here’s my other vote for Standpoint. Best of luck on continuing the project.

  2. Terri Givens says:

    I’m interested in getting involved with this, and to bring my own international and diverse perspective…

  3. Kathy Shilvock says:

    I like Inertia – defined as the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at a constant velocity. Whether we like it or not we are moving forward.

  4. Kay Oddone says:

    I’ve voted! I feel like we need a badge to wear :).
    I’ll be watching eagerly to see what name gets up – they are all good!

  5. William Emerson says:

    Good Afternoon Bryan,
    I voted today. When will we know the results? Also, are there any actionable items you would like us to work on? How about things we should bear in mind? Any readings aside from the book club selection?


  6. John Parker says:

    I really liked “Standpoint”. Went with that one.

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