Evangel University sacrifices the queen

Evangel University logoEvangel University of Missouri announced plans to fire a group of faculty and staff.  It looks like another queen sacrifice.

Faculty and staff alike are bearing the cuts:

Forty-four employees will be directly affected by the cuts, including 32 faculty and staff who accepted a retirement buyout offer and 12 who will find out Wednesday that their jobs will be eliminated.

I can’t tell what proportion of the staff those cuts hit.

Academic programs are being tweaked, rather than closed:

No major academic programs will be jettisoned, but restructuring is expected. The university plans to consolidate key academic and service areas to reduce overlaps. Small, underused majors — including biblical languages — will no longer be offered.

What’s the driver for these cuts?  Declining enrollment, of course.  Evangel will shift some freed-up funds (“$4 million, 10 percent of the institution’s annual budget”) to expand staff to grow student numbers.

Once more, we see enrollment and financial issues driving academic cuts.  2015 has been a banner year for queen sacrifices.

(via Chronicle of Higher Education)

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3 Responses to Evangel University sacrifices the queen

  1. Bryan,
    This is starting to sound like the reading out of the dead.
    I agree with your take on some of the systemic root rot causes, and it also because student brains are no longer wired to learn in the old, sustained attention way that has been the academic model. I can see it has to be different but as my brain is really between two worlds, the way forward is not going to be my calling. But I am very interested to see the Phoenix that wants to rise out of this growing pile of ashes.

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