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The governor of Illinois picks up the ax

The governor of Illinois proposed a state budget, and it includes massive cuts to public higher education.  Bruce Rauner offered a $387 reduction in state support, down about one third from the current level.  It could be another state-mandated queen … Continue reading

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A wave of state-mandated queen sacrifices for American public universities

The Wisconsin governor’s call to sharply cut funding to that state’s public universities seems to have spawned similar moves in other states.  This could lead to a series of queen sacrifices, where core academic programs shrink or disappear. Illinois: new … Continue reading

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Wisconsin considers a massive queen sacrifice

Sometimes a campus achieves a queen sacrifice on its own; other campuses get queen sacrifices thrust upon them.  Case in point: the University of Wisconsin system, facing enormous cuts in financial support from that state’s ambitious governor.  Scott Walker has proposed … Continue reading

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Mercyhurst considers a queen sacrifice

Mercyhurst University, a Catholic institution in northwestern Pennsylvania, is preparing to cut academics.  According to a local news report, MU’s president announced he was ready to reduce spending on anything, including academics, which brings this story into queen sacrifice territory. … Continue reading

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Considering a year of bloggery

Looking back on 2014, I was curious about this blog’s most popular posts.  WordPress generated helpful stats, which shed some light on what readers look for in this bloghouse. So what were you most curious about in 2014, my blogospheric audience? … Continue reading

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Sacrificing the queen or the whole campus? The case of UNO

The University of New Orleans is gearing up for more cuts, apparently. Its president has proposed so many cuts that one observer thinks UNO is over. An individual round of cuts to academic programs could well make for what I’ve … Continue reading

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A university sacrifices its football team

The University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB)’s president announced plans to terminate that school’s football team. This is interesting to me for two reasons: its relation to my queen sacrifice model and for the trend of concerns about college sports.  Not to … Continue reading

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