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Queen sacrifice as bargaining strategy

Rider University avoided having a queen sacrifice after all.  Its administration announced serious cuts to academic programs and faculty earlier this month. Now Rider faculty decided to make their own sacrifices rather than see some of their number laid off … Continue reading

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Small schools losing numbers to big campuses in New Jersey

Declining student enrollment is an issue across the US, and acutely felt in the northeast.  Today’s case in point concerns New Jersey, where many private institutions are seeing student numbers decline.  Meanwhile, larger and public schools are gaining. Perhaps this … Continue reading

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Queen sacrifice at Wartburg College

Several American campuses have made queen sacrifice* moves these past couple of weeks.  In this post I’ll address the case of Wartburg College. Wartburg  is getting ready to remove 12 of 105 – nearly 10% – of its full-time faculty. This … Continue reading

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Queen sacrifice at Calvin College

The latest queen sacrifice story comes from Calvin College, which just decided to cut a series of departments and faculty. According to an official statement, the college is engaging in re-prioritization. This means: The final recommendations include the elimination of five … Continue reading

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American higher education might not be broken, but seems to be sick

This morning I had the privilege of speaking with a group of European academics via videoconferencing and doppelbot (Kubi for the latter, which was very good).  We discussed the future and current state of online learning.  There were comments about universities … Continue reading

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How to prepare your campuses for a queen sacrifice: a handy guide from Connecticut

I’ve been writing about queen sacrifices* for a while now, usually in response to the announcement or implementation of one.  This week gives me the chance to examine a different approach to that strategy, as one academic governing body attempts … Continue reading

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The entire Japanese public university system attempts a massive queen sacrifice

Wielding an enormous ax, the Japanese minister of education has apparently decided his country’s universities no longer need humanities and social sciences departments. Seriously: [according to] a letter from education minister Hakuban Shimomura sent to all of Japan’s 86 national universities, … Continue reading

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