I am all over the media this week, in podcasts and video

Recently I’ve been ramping up my digital media work, between the Forum and some digital storytelling.  At the same time other people have been including me in their productions, which has been exciting, productive, and a lot of fun.

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For example, in podcasts, I went back on Howard Teibel‘s Tiebelcast. The framing question was “how do you transform academic structures and programs without diminishing the mission?

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” We talked about queen sacrifices, among other things.

Tiebelcast, queen sacrifice episode

Meanwhile, Rod Murray interviewed me about the latest Horizon Report.  This was a conversation hosted by Inside Higher Ed.

Rodney Murray's Pulse, our Horizon Report discussion

SFF Audio podcastIn between those programs, I returned to SFF Audio to discuss a great Borges tale.  “The Circular Ruins” (1940) begins like this:

No one saw him disembark in the unanimous night, no one saw the bamboo canoe sink into the sacred mud, but in a few days there was no one who did not know that the taciturn man came from the South and that his home had been one of those numberless villages upstream in the deeply cleft side of the mountain, where the Zend language has not been contaminated by Greek and where leprosy is infrequent.

And our discussion started like this, as per Jesse’s notes:

the dream of Bryan Alexander, the nightmare that is Paul, 1940, 1962, almost a disaster, this story hit them like ton of bricks, Frankenstein, disturbing, a simple plot, leading you in circles, rising action, the horrible Freytag pyramid, creating a person out of dreams, a Joseph Campbell plot, learning Spanish, listen to the negatives

The video world also laid claim to my participation, as my county’s local public access tv station interviewed me about all kinds of stuff.  As the hard-working producer summarizes with outrageous lyricism,

An intellectual roller-coaster of a show, sweeping with breathtaking velocity through such divergent topics as the correlation between beards and airport security searches, and the overwhelming significance of the French Revolution. Bryan’s incredible breadth of thought shines through – along with his sparkling wit, and shimmering charm – as he describes his vision of technology and teaching, in this conversation that is by turns powerful, challenging and deeply inspiring.

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Recorded 3/17/16.

That’s enough for now.  I have to finish April’s FTTE report and work on my next two videos.

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