This week’s Forum features Jim Groom and radical digital learning

Jim GroomThis Thursday on the Forum we have the one and only…

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Jim Groom.

If you don’t know Jim, he’s one of the first and longest-running edubloggers, having written at Bavatuesdays for more than a decade.  There you can find his thoughts on the intersection of education and technology, with a strong helping of culture high and low.

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At the University of Mary Washington Jim inspired the edupunk movement, and then invented and taught the famous digital storytelling counter-MOOC DS106.  He also kicked off the Domain of One’s Own movement.  And now he’s moved to Italy, where he helps run the innovative and excellent Reclaim Hosting company.  A brilliant man, a ferocious innovator, a generous collaborator, and a good friend.

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I plan on asking him about the Domain of One’s Own idea and practice, which should lead to a discussion of Reclaim Hosting, and from that point on to what Audrey Watters (our first Forum guest) dubbed Indie Ed Tech (a summit happened last week).

So please join Jim and I, plus hundreds of participants, this Thursday at 2 pm EST.  Click here to RVSP, or click directly when the hour strikes.

If you haven’t experienced a Forum, here’s a good sampler of highlights so far:

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8 Responses to This week’s Forum features Jim Groom and radical digital learning

  1. VanessaVaile says:

    I’ve got to stop reading and checking inbox after a certain (increasingly early) time evenings. Last night I looked for your latest #FTTE post in a panic and was sure I saw Tuesday — and that I had missed it. Relief… now, not to miss it tomorrow and hope that weather headed this way will not affect towers and connectivity. Maybe I’ll finally get around to checking out the Shindig tutorial.

    • It would be great to see and hear you, Vanessa. And Shindig is very easy to use. I always begin each session with a quick tour.

      • VanessaVaile says:

        I’ve been catching up with archives — tend to be more of async user anyway — but I’d like to see more meetings and conferences offer live features. Most adjunct faculty can’t afford the travel even with some support, plus there’s the carbon footprint issue with flying.

        I shared this one to my main (albeit less active) page so it would go to timeline and other destinations ~ a different audience that cares about education too.

      • I agree on having more support for distant folks.
        Have you followed the Virtually Connecting project?
        (And thank you)

  2. I have a website with Reclaim Hosting and suggest them to anyone who tells me they are looking to set one up. They are great – very supportive. I also read his Domain of One’s Own and taught that to my Writing students last semester. They all had to get one – a domain of their own. We talked about why. I’m not sure that they will all keep it, but they used a web-based platform (though sadly NOT Reclaim Hosting; I was boxed in by the College’s choice of software) to get one and they could keep it going. I hope that they do!

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