What do you think of the Future Trends Forum?

We’ve run the Future Trends Forum since early February of this year, and are now taking stock.  How has it gone?  Should we do anything differently in the future?

Please share your thoughts.  You can comment at the end of this post, or enjoy this short survey.

What is the Forum?  How can I learn more about it?  Click here for the full back list of previous sessions, including notes and recordings.

FTF Bryan _Cassandra Gaul_June 2016

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6 Responses to What do you think of the Future Trends Forum?

  1. I think being able to archive the events for viewing later would be a great service.

    • They are all there on YouTube right now. Check the category for this post, https://bryanalexander.org/category/future-trends-forum/ .

      • VanessaVaile says:

        all of them? When I double checked your YouTube channel this morning, the most recent FTTE upload was two weeks ago for Phil Long’s May 12 session. Would it be possible to upload the videos before the post-session post with notes?

      • VanessaVaile says:

        PS my apologies for being and sounding (being) so picky. I’ve been trying to organize Forum related links by session and general topic. If I want to know more about the specific topic and guest, then I go looking for background information — and add that to the collection. Some sessions, IOT for example, run into multiple collections. I’m still working on my own general category system to organize collections. “Tech that may give traditional colleagues heart failure” is too long for a good tag but covers IOT, AR, VR, AI, blockchain, etc (all of which I’m finding fascinating). Other (tentative) groupings could include: open; analytics/data; institutional/structural change; money; alt.ed.

  2. Well, there are several issues here.

    One is my access to bandwidth. Most of the time I’m restricted to very low upload speeds, so don’t get to upload the huge (4-6 gig) video files to YouTube for some time.

    Another is, well, time. It takes a while for me to revise, edit, correct (by relistening to video) notes. They will come, I promise!

    A fourth is bigger. I don’t think having a blog category is enough to hold and access these materials, especially given your query about background information and cross-collection info. I think a new site is called for.

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