Tomorrow’s participatory video update on future trends for education and technology

Tomorrow’s Future Trends Forum will focus on recent (mid-2016) trends in technology and education.  Topics will include ones we’ve touched on over the past few months, including emerging tech, finance, enrollment, and more.  The guest will be… myself, plus the latest FTTE materials.   This will all take place from 2-3 pm EST, on Thursday the 23rd.

Some of this material will be new even to seasoned FTTE readers, as it draws on next month’s as-yet-unpublished report.

Bryan arms wide_Autumm Caines

I’m looking forward to conversations with you all.

Click here to RSVP before 2 pm EST, or to jump in during the event itself.

To find previous Future Trends Forum, check here for all of the posts, notes, and recordings.  If you just want the recordings, here’s the full playlist.

(photo by Autumm Caines)



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