First thoughts on CFHE12 MOOC

The future of learning MOOC (CFHE12) began today.  I’d like to share some opening thoughts here.  This blog will host some of my contributions throughout.  (It also represents a possible shift here; more on that to come.)

Readings are a good mix, at least for the first week.  Nice to see non-US sources represented.  Trinkle and Staley’s 2011 article is a good general piece.

Twitter could be a major venue for discussion (hashtag; my feed).  Already new readings have appeared, like this one.

There’s also a Diigo group, which has a few readings in it.

Fine folks leading the charge, starting with cMOOC founders Siemens and Downes.  Barry Dahl is also playing a role, which is excellent.  Barry’s an underappreciated gem in the higher ed/tech space.

I’m excited about working on this topic.  The future of education is where I’ve been spending an increasing amount of my time over the past half-decade; indeed, the future of liberal education is what my NITLE work is all about, now.  I’d like to see many opinions surface through the course of CFHE12, many views and passions.  I hope the class hews to a global perspective, too.

Several glitches have occurred, based on my experience and the Twitter stream.  There was confusion over which tag to use: #CFHE12, #Edfuture, even #oped12.  I couldn’t post to the Desire2Learn board, nor determine if I was logged in, or how to remedy the situation.  As of this posting I still can’t contribute there.  As Scott Studham noted, “#first_impressions_matter”.

All in all, it’s an exciting MOOC, and I’m looking forward to it.

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5 Responses to First thoughts on CFHE12 MOOC

  1. Rolin Moe says:

    I look forward to learning with you. While my understanding of the topic grows and my views and opinions shape and reshape, it is incredible that this combination of technology, pedagogy and CAI allow me to learn in a “course” with you 14 years after I learned in a course from you.

  2. What a chunk of history we’ve covered – so much, so quickly!

  3. barrydahl says:

    You’re way too kind, Bryan. Underappreciated gem sounds like I need to be re-appraised. Looking forward to following your thoughts during the MOOC.

  4. Maybe you should be reappraised. Better the carat than the stick, eh?

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