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What might the coronavirus mean for higher education?

Yesterday I blogged about the possible future paths of the coronavirus outbreak.  Today I’d like to ask: what does all of this mean for academia? I’ve been thinking about this problem for years, actually. Disease outbreak futuring is a longstanding … Continue reading

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A new virus appears in the world

What might we anticipate from the Wuhan coronavirus?  What does a futures perspective bring to the table? This is a very risky topic to address, naturally.  The outbreak is ongoing.  Data is often provisional or suspect.  Multiple layers of privacy, … Continue reading

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The partisan divide widens over American higher education, and it may cost us

Americans are increasing critical of higher education, according to new Pew Research.  That actually means Republicans. This has important implications for the future of post-secondary education in the United States. buy zenegra online buy zenegra no prescription generic First, the … Continue reading

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How to merge a college with a university

Two more American campuses announced a merger.  Marlboro College in Vermont will merge with the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. For years I’ve been tracking ideas and practices around academic mergers, closures, cuts, and queen sacrifices, as responses to the growing … Continue reading

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College and university financial health: one important view

Inside Higher Ed does many fine things for the post-secondary world.  One of them is conducting repeated, careful surveys of key campus players. This week they released a survey of chief financial and business officers, a crucial constituency with vital … Continue reading

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Histories of technological innovation: a reading list

What’s a fine book on a technological innovation from history? I asked this question because I’m preparing to teach a couple of classes this fall.  One’s a seminar on innovation and technology.  The focus will be on the digital world, … Continue reading

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Alaska gears up to clobber its universities

The University of Alaska system just learned it will experience a 41% budget cut. This goes far beyond my queen sacrifice chess analogy and into “sweeping whole ranks of pieces off the board” terrain. Here’s the story, from what I … Continue reading

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Opposing ways for universities to support senior citizens as students: the case of Minnesota

How should colleges and universities address learners over 65? This strategic question have been cropping up quietly in some higher ed discussions lately, given current demographic and financial trends (aging population, rising economic stress on campuses).  It was thrown into … Continue reading

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On the empowered student: thoughts from an international team

Last year a bunch of us started up project FOEcast.  The idea was to think of new ways of understanding the future of education and technology. Several projects have emerged from that impetus, and today I’m delighted to introduce one … Continue reading

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Queen sacrifice in Pennsylvania

Another queen sacrifice appeared this week, this time in Pennsylvania.  Keystone College will end two academic programs and lay off both faculty and staff. The programs are majors in geology and the visual arts.  According to one local report, 16 … Continue reading

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