A survey is open: lessons from higher ed’s COVID-19 response

I’d like to share a new survey with my readers.

It just opened up and concerns what higher education has learned from COVID-19.

I’m sharing it for two reasons.  First, some of you know this is a topic I’m focused on, as it’s one of the most important facing academia.  In fact, I helped write these questions. Second, I’m going to speak to the results in a webinar next month (more to come on that).

Both survey and webinar are sponsored by my colleagues at Ready Education, whose fine work I respect.

I appreciate any survey responses you can offer.  Completing it won’t take long. Here’s the link.

survey Impact of COVID on higher ed

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2 Responses to A survey is open: lessons from higher ed’s COVID-19 response

  1. Glen McGhee, FHEAP says:

    Michigan health director abruptly resigns, Michigan University contact sports suspended due to spread of COVID variant, and I’m having trouble distinguishing MU and MSU.

    • Bryan Alexander says:

      It’s UM, not MU, and yeah, the two can be tangled up. Same with many other states. Colloquially people usually say “Michigan” to mean UM.

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