How I track the coronavirus

How can we best stay informed about the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak?

I’ve been tracking it carefully for weeks, and have built up an online search strategy.  I’d like to share a description of it here, partly in case it’s useful for readers, and also to request additions in case it’s missing anything.

I’ve broken these down into general categories by source, style, and openness.

Dashboards Information presented to give us a snapshot of the outbreak.

Coronavirus 2020 Fen 26 JHU

coronavirus 2020 Feb 25_Harvard

Coronavirus_2020 Feb 26 Worldmeters

Academic dashboards Projects measuring college and university behavior:

Public research and preparedness Information from leading public-serving institutions.

Open source, open access research Materials produced by scholars that are freely and openly available without paywalls.

Open news and analysis Content produced that’s not necessarily by academics, and is also freely and openly available without paywalls

Paid content news and analysis Articles and other media behind paywalls.

  • LitCovid: “a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about the 2019 novel Coronavirus.”
  • New York Times: hub
  • Washington Post: updates
  • Financial Times: COVID-19 page

Social media Here I’m looking for the best sources, not hashtags or communities, although I’m open to the latter.

Online learning Educational materials about the outbreak in particular – i.e., not about disease or health care in general.

Libguides Curated resources produced by libraries:

Newletters The best in email.

  • Sinocism is excellent for China in general.  Rich and including many Chinese language sources.

Prediction markets

That’s all for now.  What do you think of these sources?  What should I add?  Are there good video and podcast resources?

If this is of value, I’ll keep adding to it as the outbreak continues.

(thanks to Jay Sieling, Sifu Dai, Esty, Bethany Bovard, Mike Sellers, Audrey Watters, Ruben Puentedura, and Ilene Frank for recommendations) 

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7 Responses to How I track the coronavirus

  1. Christopher Little says:

    I was suprised that the data for the Johns Hopkins and Harvard gave different numbers. I just was looking at France, and the geographic distribution and the total numbers are completely different. I guess they’re using different data sets?

  2. Lisa Stephens says:

    Thank you Bryan. A whole slew of SUNY peeps are gathered in NYC for an annual update summit, and there’s been some talk about this. The sharing of your logic is a public service!

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  4. Vanessa Vaile says:

    Catching this post late but have been following coronavirus story for some time, especially after noticing how much better international coverage was than national. About that time US media went down the primaries rabbithole, global media was way more interested in the virus than in US elections.

    In particular, I’d recommend German public media, Deutsche Welle (DW),

    No doubt most major medical centers, especially ones with respiratory care and research focus, have pages. National Jewish Health ( in Denver put up a website, more patient information oriented than data dashboard.

  5. Christopher Phillips says:

    Fantastic resource, thank you so much! I also came across this dashboard recently that has lots of great info – and may be helpful:

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