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Imagining the pandemic continues into 2023: part 1

What happens if we don’t have a COVID-19 vaccine by early 2021?  Or 2022?  In other words, what might the world look like if the pandemic continues for several years? In this post I’d like to explore what 2023 might … Continue reading

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A wave of American protests: where are we headed?

What happens next in America, after the events of the past few days? Personally, I have followed developments with a mix of horror, dismay, admiration, and dread.  I have not participated in face to face protests, from fear of COVID-19 … Continue reading

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Anticipating a pandemic

Here’s one thing about being a futurist.  Sometimes the world confirms one of your scenarios or models, but it’s not something to celebrate.  That’s because what you foresaw isn’t good news for anyone when it actually enters the real world. … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and the world: today and four forecasts

It’s March 18th, COVID-19 keeps spreading, and the world’s reactions are deepening.  Global infected numbers passed 180,000 and deaths near 9,000, reportedly (and there are doubts about numbers).  There are more infections and deaths outside of China than in, according … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and the world: how futurists have been working on this kind of thing for years

I’m sometimes asked what futures work is good for.  Some folks complain that it doesn’t always provide solid predictions of what’s next.  Others think it’s just fantasies and a waste of time in pratical reality. One standard response from the … Continue reading

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4 futures for how civilization could respond politically to climate change

Thinking about how higher education and climate change may intersect is a deeper topic that it might appear.  Because climate change is so vast and because higher ed is so complex and sprawling, all kinds of domains and issues enter … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity futures: scenarios and good practice

What can we forecast about upcoming cybersecurity threats?  And how can we best conduct futures work?  How can we learn from scenarios? Berkeley’s Steven Weber recently published a useful and bracing essay that I can commend to you all.  It’s … Continue reading

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The most dangerous report in higher education

Last week a small, Boston-based firm prepared to release a report about the financial status of nearly 1,000 American colleges and universities.  Inside Higher Ed prepped an article on Edmit’s report. The report never appeared. In this post I’ll try … Continue reading

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What is the Zeroth World, and how can we use it?

What is the Zeroth World? I bumped up against this odd term for the first time in August and it just stuck in my mind.  The first encounter with a new word or phrase in a language one knows well … Continue reading

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What Americans think of the present and future of science and technology

Where will science go in the future, and how will that impact our lives? I’ve been tracking this question for a while, so it’s good to have fresh research to hand.  A new Pew Research survey asked Americans what they … Continue reading

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